Facebook my *bleep*!

September 27, 2006 § 5 Comments

Yoh, Kuree here.

I have finally created a blog on wordpress! Yeah! *claps* I have defied the “cool” crowd and not join Facebook. w00t. I’ve been also delaying this for a while so yeah! I kinda wanted to start up an anime blog but, I’m too busy to even watch anime because I have a life. A rather…nerdy asian life.

*sobs* Ouran Koko Host Club episode 26 (Last episode) *sobs* I DON’T WANT IT TO END! The manga is still continuing so they should just make the anime longer~! Then I won’t have to keep “assuming” what happens in the manga because everything is in Japanese! If someone knows where to get the english translated manga tell me, e-mail me, anything!

Anyway, That’s all for today. I need to eat dinner, finish my homework, and sleep because I never get enough.


§ 5 Responses to Facebook my *bleep*!

  • Near says:

    exactly. FACEBOOK IS STUPID.. not because of the actual idea, but because people only have it because other people have it and tell them to.. FAIL!

  • H-Unit One-X says:

    No, Ruby. You fail. Because if I typo your name and it comes out as Fuby, it reminds me of Furby.

  • Furby says:

    you just broke the rules of war. now you will be forced to go work in the cabbage field.. with the land mines. and i’ll shoot the paramedics so they can’t save you.

  • H-Unit One-X says:

    D: I have to be used in scientific experiments?

  • Quintessa says:

    Ok, In response, I HAVE facebook. I like it. Not because people make me etc, because lots of people have it that I would not be able to keep contact with otherwize. Example, my half bro and my old babysitter. Who i have not heard from in like years. But throught the magic of facebook, I can now check up on them. See?
    /When i am bored… it can amuse me.

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