Pizza Hut supports the rebellion!

November 19, 2006 § 1 Comment

It has recently been drawn to my attention but, is it just me or is that green haired girl eating Pizza Hut?! Code Geass: Rebellion of Lelouch, one of the anime released this fall by Sunrise is something worth wondering about. Is Lelouch Kira, Mwu, or Right-o? (I pick all of the above.) Did AmericaBritannia just take over the world? (yes) Lacus, Athrun, Kira, where’s Cagalli in this picture? So how are they going to dub this again? It’s funny how Pizza Hut is everywhere in the anime. When I first say C.C (green haired girl) first eating pizza, I immiediatly thought of that guy’s pizza obsessed sister in Invader Zim. The relationship here could be Brittania owns Pizza Hut, and that’s why it’s in Japan. OK! So…basically America took over Japan and is opressing the people as well as some of their own. Wow…I’d love to watch this anime dubbed. I mean an anime about American’s taking over the world? w00t! So the only way to dub it is to turn it Canadian eh? How are they going to edit out all the pizza’s and put in donuts, and piles upon piles of coffee cups? wait a min…Tim Hortan is owned by Wendys. Nevermind.




Silly America, Trixs are for kids!

November 19, 2006 § 1 Comment

Yesterday, the shiney black machine of entertainment doom rolled into the market. No, I’m not talking about a sleek black BMW; I’m talking about the PS3.

The box that can outmatch my computer hardrive(sp) was released yesterday morning, while I was at school working hard like a good person. As the day progresses, people were beaten, shot, sent to the hospital, mobbed, and probably killed in the US. Why? Why are people dying? It’s not smoking; it’s not Bush; it’s not because people are stupid, it’s because you own a PS3 *gasp*. Sadly enough people in the US are insane enough to go ahead, and beat someone to death just so they can take that ultra machine that can produce graphics and sound that will explode my sound and television set away from them.

All I have to say is “Go cut yourself.”

Did Japan have a crazy emo kid holding a shop keeper hostage just to steal a PS3? No. How about Canada? I think people are too busy smashing their’s to pieces and then proceding to RECYCLE it.

America, you’re on your own.

Toronto Star, Saturday, November 18, 2006, Section A.


November 19, 2006 § 5 Comments

So yesterday the PS3 was released. As the released date approaches I have ranted and ranted to many people on how the PS3 will most likely flop. Not saying the PS3 is bad.

Je veux un PS3 maintanent!

Reasons why the PS3 will fail.
1) I got to a private school.

Private School in RL= I have $600 in my pocket. WRONG!

I have no money. For and average person who can’t afford to go to private school? Well if they can’t afford to go to private school than what makes you think that they can afford a PS3 without making a whole in their wallet?

2) The new thing, and the only thing about the PS3 is that it’s now has a Blue-ray reader. Now, obviously most of us are still in the year 2005 and have no idea wtf is a Blue-Ray.

Let me educate you!
DVD(mon) digivolves to…BLUE-RAY(mon)

So all of you want a Blue-ray now? Haha fork over $1000+ and I’ll give you one. (China doesn’t even have the technology to make a pirated Blue-Ray disc, let alone an actual Blue-Ray player.)

Wait? Isn’t the PS3 $600?
“OH NOES!!! We aren’t gaining a profit!”

3) Nintendo Wii PWNS!

Only reason why I might want a PS3 is because of Kingdom Hearts 3. But for normal people, they’d probably stick to their PS2s a little longer. Wait…a FFVII remake?! OMFG! MUST BUY THIS OVERRATED GAME SO I CAN WATCH CLOUD PWN!

Nobody buy FFXIII. With poor sales, it will ensure the chances of FFVII being remade. Once FFVII is released, buy FFXIII and the world will be happy.

Why is FFVII so overrated?

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