Pizza Hut supports the rebellion!

November 19, 2006 § 1 Comment

It has recently been drawn to my attention but, is it just me or is that green haired girl eating Pizza Hut?! Code Geass: Rebellion of Lelouch, one of the anime released this fall by Sunrise is something worth wondering about. Is Lelouch Kira, Mwu, or Right-o? (I pick all of the above.) Did AmericaBritannia just take over the world? (yes) Lacus, Athrun, Kira, where’s Cagalli in this picture? So how are they going to dub this again? It’s funny how Pizza Hut is everywhere in the anime. When I first say C.C (green haired girl) first eating pizza, I immiediatly thought of that guy’s pizza obsessed sister in Invader Zim. The relationship here could be Brittania owns Pizza Hut, and that’s why it’s in Japan. OK! So…basically America took over Japan and is opressing the people as well as some of their own. Wow…I’d love to watch this anime dubbed. I mean an anime about American’s taking over the world? w00t! So the only way to dub it is to turn it Canadian eh? How are they going to edit out all the pizza’s and put in donuts, and piles upon piles of coffee cups? wait a min…Tim Hortan is owned by Wendys. Nevermind.




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