Silly America, Trixs are for kids!

November 19, 2006 § 1 Comment

Yesterday, the shiney black machine of entertainment doom rolled into the market. No, I’m not talking about a sleek black BMW; I’m talking about the PS3.

The box that can outmatch my computer hardrive(sp) was released yesterday morning, while I was at school working hard like a good person. As the day progresses, people were beaten, shot, sent to the hospital, mobbed, and probably killed in the US. Why? Why are people dying? It’s not smoking; it’s not Bush; it’s not because people are stupid, it’s because you own a PS3 *gasp*. Sadly enough people in the US are insane enough to go ahead, and beat someone to death just so they can take that ultra machine that can produce graphics and sound that will explode my sound and television set away from them.

All I have to say is “Go cut yourself.”

Did Japan have a crazy emo kid holding a shop keeper hostage just to steal a PS3? No. How about Canada? I think people are too busy smashing their’s to pieces and then proceding to RECYCLE it.

America, you’re on your own.

Toronto Star, Saturday, November 18, 2006, Section A.


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