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November 17, 2007 § 3 Comments

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The importance of sleep is something every adult should understand. Yet, it is the students that truly understand the need for sleep. While our teachers continue to stack up the homework pile until it falls over on us, we go through what is the “wait, it’s morning?” moment.

When they (the teachers) told my parents that we should spend at least 2 hours in total to finish homework, they obviously didn’t do their math correctly. The first day of school, the teachers would tell you, the expected amount of time you should take to finish the homework they assign you, should be around half and hour. Now being an Asian, I take 8 courses.

Lets try and do the math:

8 x 30 min= 2 hours right? Not quite.

So if it takes 4 hours to do JUST homework, then what about assignments? An assignment would take 1 hour. So…you have homework, as well as 1 assignment. That is 5 hours. Well…I take Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. They LOVE to coincide(sp) with each other in terms of assignments, so add in 2 more hours. That’s 7 hours of doing homework. Then you add in the hour you wasted time to eat and ask questions talked to your friends and researched got distracted watching the latest Gundam 00 episode. 8 Hours…


So say you finish school at 3:30. But because you live far, it takes an hour to commute home. You get back at around 4:30-5. Starting from 5 you do your homework…based on the calculations you should be finished at midnight, but then you had to go to a piano lesson in between. So it pushes it to 1. The next day you have band practice, or a sport practice at 7. Since you are too tired to take a shower, you choose to wake up at 5 to take a shower and eat breakfast, then you leave your house at 6. That is an estimate of 4 hours of sleep.


So what I don’t quite understand is, why do teachers get mad when I sleep in class? They probably don’t go to bed late because they have to mark things. They probably feel tired too. Ahhh, this is a question that I will never find the answer to because the older generations are just crazy and dumb.


While I was randomly reading the newspaper, I read an article about how people should take 20 min naps so that they get refueled. Then it hit me,


“why don’t we have 20 min nap breaks?”


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