Does Finding the Common Links Between Geniuses and Adapting to the Way of the Geniuses Make one a Genius? part 1

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In this experiment, four geniuses (Snowman, Hoomoo, Otou-san, Av***) will be analyzed. An individual (myself) will then follow these common traits or relationships between the four as closely as possible. The purpose for performing such an experiment is to find the genis(es)’ (haha) secret for the benefit of those who are…not geniuses.

A genius is is a person of great intelligence, who shows an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work (Wikipedia, 2008.) A great historical example of a genius is Albert Einstein. In 1905, Albert Einstein developed the theory of special relativity (Wilson, 2006.) He also proved the existence of atoms and developed his famous equation E = mc2 all at the age of 26 (Wilson, 2006.)

This experiment will be performed in two parts. The first part will be researching on the common links of the four geniuses. These common links can range from personality traits, and eating habits, to how they dress. The second part will focus more on the application of these common links over a long period of time. It is predicted that when all common links are met, one would acquire the thought process of a genius.

Method & Materials:
I’m too lazy to write it out…basically, find the common links, and do it.

Results: (part 1)
Common links:
-wears/wore some form of lens or apparatus to increase visibility
-does not wear pins on their tie
-hair is not tied up, and is strictly worn down
-eating is minimal
-they do not participate in any form of sports within the school
-they do not participate in symphonic band (yeah!)
-they play musical instruments regularly

That is it so far. There may be more common links, I’ll add them in the next update. However, things are going as expected seeing as I am still Asian failing my courses. I plan to prolong the time to see if time is a factor.

Tracy V. Wilson. “How Geniuses Work”. September 01, 2006 (February 29, 2008)

Genius. (2008, February 26). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 04:13, March 1, 2008, from


New header

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Changed the header banner to a wallpaper I received from otou-san last week ^_^

It ish Sakura from Tsubasa and it is really pretty. It ish my desktop right now as we speak, except my computer isn’t wide screen so it doesn’t fit perfectly x.X

Arigatou otou-san~! -^-^-

Bure Bure Bure

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Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei ending

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is an awesome anime. It gives a comical spin to…odd things people just never notice. For example, how people seem to pay attention to smaller details instead of the main show or main idea. I really think this show enlightens people in that sense and it is a good watch when you are bored. Though I have to warn you that…fanservice…

“Lets promote the normal girl!”

Some good parodies:


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It would seem that…right from the start of the week, things are not going well for me, doushite?
It would seem that…I have lost the waves, doushite?
It would seem that…I might have caught a cold, doushite?
It would seem that…I smell like those car air fresheners (ick), doushite?
It would seem that…my English teacher thinks I can’t draw, doushite?
It would seem that…tomorrow is CISMF and I can’t go, doushite?
It would seem that…I’m being really emo aren’t I? ^^’

Demo, when I read Yamapi’s jweb entry for today, it made me really happy ^^,
Ahh, kawaii ~>.<~

so thats how it is/i see.
is it said that in a week one can only work for 40 hours.
if its for all of you
i can/am able to work for a whole week oh (laughs)

I really need a kanji translator…
Note: Don’t answer them all otou-san T T’

Taiyou no Namida

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Yeah! Taiyou no Namida LIVE! Actually…*gasp* such a good song. If they weren’t dancing, they might have been able to sing better ^^’ Yamapi <3333333 He’s looking better now ^^ Genki~!

Why bother?

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Is it just me or is the world becoming more irritable?
I wonder because it has recently come to my attention that one, I am more annoyed and frustrated and two, everyone else is annoyed and frustrated. Either the world is the one acting like a baby, or I am the annoying bitch from hell. Apparently, I don’t get to decide that.

Frustration, like fire, spreads easily. However there’s always someone in the middle who is causing all of it. Though I don’t mind fire, it is not something people should use for stupid selfish reasons. Reasons such as: claiming something you are not, or declaring something about yourself that isn’t necessarily true. Maybe that’s why everyone including myself is frustrated…because of that one person.

Really, it is not too difficult to get on someone’s nerves, but understanding why seems to be an impossible for everyone.
If someone is ignoring you, it is probably because you ignored them.
If someone hates your guts, it is probably because you hated their guts before.
If someone is annoyed with you, it is probably because you were and still are annoying.
Kind of like baking a cookie, you add 3 1/4 cups of baking soda, you get a nasty cookie.

Logic is a simple thing, why do we bother questioning it?
Probably because humanity has the inability to be profound.
If people believed in apologies, why do we bother having a police system?
Probably because people take those traits for granted and use them for their personal gain.
Would people change if I posted this message?
Probably not because despite being loud, people are deaf.

Why did I even bother posting this?
Why do all my post end with a question?

My Darling, stay gold~

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“What happens after…the tears fall and the shadows cover up the sky?”
“Those chains that binds us together, I want to break free from them…”
“Paid too much attention, and then I fell.”
“It’s useless to argue with an idiot…like me.”
“I’m not deaf, I just never receive the message”
“It’s a sign.”

Anyway, random quotes sorted into some sort of a poem. Use them in display picture (Avatars) or display names or messages and such ^^,

The latest Utada Hikaru song “Stay Gold” from HEART STATION, is amazing. It is really addicting. I don’t know why, but I feel very attached it. It’s really calming yet…slightly eerie. The descending line in the piano, gives it a light, yet “I’m falling” quality. Also, having the descending pattern be played detached and on repeat gives it a sense of something shining and lasting, referencing the title “Stay Gold.”
Anyway, just listen to the damn song!

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