Video Game Live 2008

February 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

Video Game Live I have to say was AMAZING! From the opening song to One Wing Angel…it doesn’t even compare to the youtube videos. Watching it live instead of through a computer screen made a difference. The music was so moving that I went teary when listening to them play Kingdom Hearts.

It's taken from my phone.

The hall was really foggy, but I figured it was either an affect, or there was A LOT of dust up on the ceiling. The poem at the beginning was hilarious. Using HTML RGB colour code for “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…” was just genius. The video that came after was a laugh. It was a video with a person in a pac man costume being chased by the three different coloured monsters running around New York. The video was so funny that me and my friends plan to dress up as them next year for Halloween. Then, the orchestra begins to play the intro (retrospective.) Watching classic video games on the screen brought feelings of nostalgia. It was funny when the orchestra played the hammer theme when Mario grabbed a hammer to whack DK. Metal Gear Solid was just amazing, the music was just…I was totally speechless. It was funny when someone in a cardboard box came out and another guy came out with a gun and an exclamation mark and was running around the stage. Turned out the person in the box was Martin Leung, the piano dude. This man has insane hand control, or finger control whatever you call it. I wished he played on a grand piano like the Montreal performance. I’m not very fond of playing on keyboards during live performances in a large hall. A real piano…gives it an entirely different feel and it just sounds much better when playing pieces such as Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy. I was surprised to hear this morning that my friend was invited to go because his music was being played during the intermission, but I missed it because I was checking out the game demos and doing some…necessary business.

Two of my favourite performances was Kingdom Hearts and One Wing Angel. These two performances were also the most anticipated for me.

Kingdom Hearts: It was unfortunate that Square-Enix did not provide video footage to VGL. However, I think the music can speak for itself, and that you don’t need gameplay footage to aide the music. The music itself is powerful enough to make me tear up XD The video matched well, but I was too busy remembering all those good Kingdom Hearts memories and Roxas <333333 I should have brought him *sniffle*

One Wing Angel: This song was the song which inspired me to push for more video game music in our school (though, not much is happening.) To hear it LIVE (finally) was my dream. I was surprised that they played the advent children version but that was okay since I liked this version better compared to the original. When the choir stood up I was squealing like crazy. It was funny when the MC guy who played the guitar started head banging with the cello on the end. Overall, the piece was AMAZING! WAY BETTER THAN ON YOUTUBE!

Anyway, the concert as a whole was AWESOME. Though, we could have left out that…random Harry Potter bit. But if VGL EVER comes to a city near you, BUY TICKETS! The insane ticket price is worth it! I SWEAR!


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