My Darling, stay gold~

February 19, 2008 § 1 Comment

“What happens after…the tears fall and the shadows cover up the sky?”
“Those chains that binds us together, I want to break free from them…”
“Paid too much attention, and then I fell.”
“It’s useless to argue with an idiot…like me.”
“I’m not deaf, I just never receive the message”
“It’s a sign.”

Anyway, random quotes sorted into some sort of a poem. Use them in display picture (Avatars) or display names or messages and such ^^,

The latest Utada Hikaru song “Stay Gold” from HEART STATION, is amazing. It is really addicting. I don’t know why, but I feel very attached it. It’s really calming yet…slightly eerie. The descending line in the piano, gives it a light, yet “I’m falling” quality. Also, having the descending pattern be played detached and on repeat gives it a sense of something shining and lasting, referencing the title “Stay Gold.”
Anyway, just listen to the damn song!


§ One Response to My Darling, stay gold~

  • pirandomfactor says:

    this video doesn’t seem to want to work on firefox 😛 hahaha interesting…maybe i’ll do some sketching and make some avatars XD

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