Why bother?

February 23, 2008 § 4 Comments

Is it just me or is the world becoming more irritable?
I wonder because it has recently come to my attention that one, I am more annoyed and frustrated and two, everyone else is annoyed and frustrated. Either the world is the one acting like a baby, or I am the annoying bitch from hell. Apparently, I don’t get to decide that.

Frustration, like fire, spreads easily. However there’s always someone in the middle who is causing all of it. Though I don’t mind fire, it is not something people should use for stupid selfish reasons. Reasons such as: claiming something you are not, or declaring something about yourself that isn’t necessarily true. Maybe that’s why everyone including myself is frustrated…because of that one person.

Really, it is not too difficult to get on someone’s nerves, but understanding why seems to be an impossible for everyone.
If someone is ignoring you, it is probably because you ignored them.
If someone hates your guts, it is probably because you hated their guts before.
If someone is annoyed with you, it is probably because you were and still are annoying.
Kind of like baking a cookie, you add 3 1/4 cups of baking soda, you get a nasty cookie.

Logic is a simple thing, why do we bother questioning it?
Probably because humanity has the inability to be profound.
If people believed in apologies, why do we bother having a police system?
Probably because people take those traits for granted and use them for their personal gain.
Would people change if I posted this message?
Probably not because despite being loud, people are deaf.

Why did I even bother posting this?
Why do all my post end with a question?


§ 4 Responses to Why bother?

  • hikarikame says:

    Aggy being angry.
    but ’tis true. >>;;

  • pirandomfactor says:

    the world was an irritable place to begin with D:

    and if somebody ignores you, it might be because they’re reaaallly busy with homework…or trying to make sure you get your own homework done and don’t get distracted from it (thanks XD) haha

    you don’t need to be hated to hate somebody haha…i can think a few examples myself 😛

    haha that and not enough people read your post…humans only want to be heard…few are the ones who are willing to listen. they say listening is a rare and valuable skill that very few people have. XP

    you are posting this because you want to be heard
    you want to voice your opinion to the world
    you want to get feedback from people
    you want to get a weight off your chest
    you want to use this to siphon away your frustration with the world we live in
    you want to escape
    the parameters
    and boundaries
    that we are
    placed in

  • kureejii says:

    Nice how you answered ALL the questions XD

  • pirandomfactor says:

    i’m thorough XD lmao

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