Just waltz!

March 3, 2008 § 1 Comment

Back in the day, when musical composers were geniuses, and when going to a party meant going to see a concert or an opera, people knew how to waltz.

steps to a waltz

A waltz is a ballroom dance done in 3/4 time. It was first introduced as a popular dance in Vienna during the 1780’s for all those, none musical or dancing inclined people.

When people go to a “dance” they are either there to “dance” or to get drunk. Then you have those formals where people just want to “look pretty” and take pictures. Right! Really productive people.

Here’s a question for you: what will you do when you go to a fancy dinner party when you’re older? The same “dry humping” techniques you mastered in high school aren’t going to help you especially when it’s a Corporate party and you are trying to climb the ladder.

This is why school sucks.

In Japan however, kids know how to dance. Not necessarily the waltz, but they know how to run around a bonfire in style. This is similar to Haruhi’s case in Ouran Koko Host Club. She knows how to do the traditional festival dance, but not a waltz. At least it is something productive. But then upon finding out that she had to participate in the host club dance party, she was forced to learn the waltz anyway. So really, knowing the waltz is a good life skill, like knowing how to play Mah Jong. But then again, the world of anime and manga is a far away place from reality.

To be continued…


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