Uni Touring

March 19, 2008 § 1 Comment

Panda-kun looks out the window~Panda-kun and Harmony homework

Panda-kun in a hotel. Ah! He's sideways neh?The sunset is pretty~
This March Break, I took the time to go visit McGill and Queens university. I also visited my cousin in Ottawa, which was really nice even after the dreadfully annoying snowstorm.

More pictures taken on the roadAlmost at Montreal!

You can check out the photos I took. Don’t expect any pro photos because one, I don’t own a pro camera like otou-san does, and two, I’m not skilled when it comes to taking pictures.

Palaise de Congress (I think.) Yuki~More pictures from the hotel window

Is that Starbucks?! SINCE WHEN?!Sonia~ yum yum

Panda-kun drinking bubble tea~BUBBLE TEA IN MONTREAL YAH!

Montreal is really nice when there’s lots of snow. I remember the Montreal trip last year and it was super sunny and warm. I also remember visiting the year before during the march break, it was all slushy and rather gloomy. Quite a contrast to my recent visit. It was very lively and bright (from the snow) chilly too. I also managed to find a new Chinese bakery in the china town. I have to say, their egg tarts meet my standards ^^ I guess because it’s BRAND new. I also discovered that inside this amazing new bakery there’s Tea Shop 168! Meaning I won’t die from lack of bubble tea if I leave for Montreal.

I visited both McGill’s music school and McGill itself. I have to say that their new music school building was amazing. Apparently, the entire building was designed so that it was sound proof. In other words, I can scream and talk as loud as I want in a room, and nobody will hear me. There is a sound recording studio that is more like a hall than a studio. It is HUGE, and it’s supposed to fit large orchestra’s such as the Montreal symphony orchestra and a choir. Also, the tour guide said that the hall was built first, then layered with a thick layer of concrete before building the rest of the building to ensure that outside noise will not disrupt the recording. That is what I call pro. Also their music library has a section dedicated to music scores. The have everything from chamber music to full orchestrated scores. There was also a computer lab that only composition students were allowed in, but it was so cool. The computers had piano keyboards hooked up to them so that you could compose music using some software program.

Ah, its blurryIt moves!

le metro c'est coolQueen's Library

One of Queen's residenceMore residence

Queens was different in terms of atmosphere and set up. Queens, though everything is relatively close by, everything felt very random for me. Also the atmosphere was really uptight. I didn’t find anything particularly interesting or different about Queens other than the fact that class sizes are smaller than McGill. Maybe that’s why I needed to distract myself by taking pictures of Queens…maybe not.

Sorry for the late post ><


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  • pirandomfactor says:

    haha just looking at the photos, i can see some pretty nice ones…proving how you can take nice photos with a cell phone as well XD

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