Genius…(part 2)

March 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

Recap from part 1, a genius is someone who is simply someone who is smarter. It’s hard to explain, however recently I have decided to try and make myself a genius by fulfilling some of the common links found between the geniuses I find around me.

Now, I think my opinion has changed slightly in the sense that geniuses may only appear smarter. Though it is also true that geniuses such as Mozart and Einstein had higher or more active brain activity, along with a few odd quirks. They were and still are geniuses. But now a days, you don’t find people like them. Maybe because there were so few of them in the first place. Another theory could be that they are getting stupider because they are trying to adapt with the rest of humanity. Whatever the case may be a genius is a genius.

As I reflect upon over what I did and the overall outcome, I have to say that the experiment failed in terms of results. Even though I did all those trivial things such as putting on glasses, and not tying my hair up, my overall grades have not improved. Now that I think about it, they have gotten worst. Which isn’t very hopeful for me and other people who suffer from being really “logistup” (logical yet stupid.) But I guess my opinion on that changed as well. Actually, my view on things changed quite a bit but yet I feel like nothings changed at all. The important thing is that as long as there is a will to change, change is possible. However, whether that change will lead me onto the path of being a genius, I won’t know until I see my next report card. Even if I want to do better, it never seems to work out that way. This reminds me of those episodes of Naruto when one of the characters are dying or something, and then suddenly they get a burst of energy. That happens in every shounen anime…

Hey! Since geniuses are getting dumber, it might be easier to catch up to them, you never know.


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  • silent shadow says:

    wow Aggy. I’ve been checking your wordpress every couple days or so… and you’re updating a lot. and interesting ending thought XD

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