Cat got your tongue?

March 27, 2008 § 3 Comments

What did I do?
That was what I thought…
Desperately searching for the truth,
I found the answer.
Yet the butterflies won’t let me dance.

Fantasies are fantasies,
Page after page,
Character after character,
Sappy love stories and Heroic triumph.
Yet why do I feel lost in my own story?

I understand.
Was I oblivious to the fact…
In the end…
yet lost, confused, empty.

The words I want to say,
feel like rotten lies.
The smile I want to show,
doesn’t seem to reveal the heart.
I want to apologize to you but…
Yet the cat has got my tongue.


Wrote about how I’m feeling at the moment. Truly the cat has got my tongue. Slowly I’m starting to realize that maybe I brought it upon myself. I ask myself “Why me? Why choose me?” I’ve asked that question from the beginning but… The more I look at how confused I am, the more guilty I feel for the people around me and at fault. I…I can’t bring myself to…

I can’t even finish my sentence.

Sorry if this post is strange…sorry minna-san…sorry…sorry…


§ 3 Responses to Cat got your tongue?

  • pirandomfactor says:


    did you really find the answer?

  • hikarikame says:

    etooooo what happened aggy?

  • Dragyn says:

    Dude. You’re not living in Japan are you, sweetie? That’s a lot of “sorry” if it’s not the case. And if it is you need to slow it down anyway. Relax. Some things go out of control no matter what we do and we all make mistakes. Lot’s of them. Just pick up the pieces and head for a new sunny place 🙂

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