Destiny Plan

April 10, 2008 § 2 Comments

A means to get children into the movement!

If you watched Gundam SEED Destiny, than you should know about Dullindal’s Destiny Plan to sort people based on their genetic make up and the cheesy cartoon that came with it. Well…that plan failed, not? I was searching for an article that I could use for my biology position paper and instead I found an article about how employers are now asking people to undergo genetic testing in order to see whether or not the person is “genetically predisposed to cancer, diabetes, arthritis or other ailments that eventually might impact your ability to perform the job or might drive up insurance costs.” It isn’t exactly like the Destiny Plan but the article does say that “it’s standard operating procedure for many employers and a federal mandate in some industries.” which was kind of what Dullindal was going for. What is interesting that this was written three years before Dullindal’s propaganda aired in episode 48 新世界へ. Good job Fukuda and wife for doing your homework, but this still doesn’t change the fact that you were smoking weed while working on Gundam SEED Destiny.

On another note, yes, I do believe the world should watch Gundam.

Since I found the article in a database I can’t post the link.
Article Information: “Senate examines use of genetic information. (Workplace Genetics).” Occupational Hazards 64.4 (April 2002): 20(1).


§ 2 Responses to Destiny Plan

  • Destinyphilosophic says:

    El plan Destiny que aparece en la serie gundam seed destiny ,, sinceramente seria una extraordinaria forma de supervivencia de la humanidad, aun que esto seria volver a la gente como maquinas biologicas,,,,,,claro esta que si el ser humano no siempre puede elejir el Destino que desea, entonces alguien deve hacerlo ,, no creen ustedes ?¿

    The Destiny plan that appears in the series Gundam SEED Destiny, truly be a special form of survival of humanity, although this would go back to the people as biological machines ,,,,,, clear that if this man does not always can choose the destination you want, then somebody deve do, do not you think?

  • Jose says:

    If Gilbert wanted to screw them all in the end the only thing he had to do is this…”burn the constituition!!!!!” the world is in chaos, what they will do?

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