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Minna-san, ganbatte on exams neh?


$300 well spent

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Today I went to Anime North 2008. If you were looking for pictures, sorry I don’t have anything worth sharing. Anyway, I’ll just have to say, that my friend and I pretty much spent every last penny on stuff from manga to pins.

I purchased two figurines, a Sora Kingdom Hearts II play arts figurine, and a Yuki Nagato figurine.

Sora~<3 Yuki Nagato Figurine

Lots of Pins

Pinsmore pins

Lots of free stuff

*droool* sooo pretty~ <3

AND a shit load of manga. I didn’t take a picture of the pile because then I’d be pushing it…

OH and the ONE picture I took a Anime North XD

Optimus Prime!

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The Japanese government has “appointed” Hello Kitty as its tourism ambassador to China and Hong Kong on Monday. Japan previously named 11 individuals (including the pop music duo Puffy AmiYumi) as tourism ambassadors, but Sanrio‘s feline mascot is the first fictional character. Hello Kitty will be part of the “Visit Japan” campaign that has helped increase foreign tourism by 60% since it started in 2003. 8.35 million foreign tourists visited Japan last year, but the campaign organizers are hoping to raise that number to 10 million. Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs already appointed the manga robot cat Doraemon as its “anime cultural ambassador.”

More Info: ANN

Tired of failing

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Our school motto is preparing “young women to make a difference”. But when I think about it does growing grey hairs, becoming sleep deprived, and stressing obsessively over marks make us better people, let alone prepare us to make a difference in the world? Yeah it prepares us for when we fail, but what about success?

In sport teams, or sports in general, being constantly last in a race, losing constantly in a game, getting yourself owned, makes you realize that you aren’t good, that your best effort isn’t good enough and that you have to get better in order to win. Over time, and with practice, the sweet taste of victory will eventually come, but to never experience a win, what would victory feel like? A sense of accomplishment and happiness probably. But whether you win or lose is a black and white subject for sports.

In real life, success comes in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. Success means something different for everyone. Usually the higher the standards are for success the greater the fall. For example, a typical Asian parent ask for one thing of their child, get 90% in everything. If said child does not reach the 90% minimum, the parents will then enforce strict rules involving your social life. Seeing as a 90 in everything is hard to get, and time consuming, your once incredibly limited free time becomes nothing when you get an 80 on a test, assignment, or on your report card. But even when the child gets a 90, is the child successful? If a slacker gets a 70 in everything, are they deemed as unsuccessful? If success was all about numbers, then the world is a failure because more than half of the world’s population doesn’t even have safe drinking water, let alone be able to read and write.

Yet, the world revolves around numbers anyway. To get into an Ivy league university, you need to score very high on your SAT, be the top of the school academically, and just overall outstanding in sports, music, arts, and other extracurricular. In translation, you need to get 90s in everything, and play an instrument, or play a sport outside of school. If the number was to describe how well we the student learned the content, then it is basically placing a number on our capability to think. If school was to expand our ability to process thoughts and look more profoundly at the bigger picture, then basically getting a 70 simply labels you as someone not smart. So now even just learning something new everyday isn’t even considered successful, but more trivial. But like all labels, this label is given to you based on someone’s opinion, that someone being your teacher. Everyone is different, thus, when a teacher gives you a 70, another teacher could have given you an 80 or a 90. Though teachers may think they are unbiased, they naturally would formulate an opinion of your essay, test, or assignment and thus affect whether or not you get a 70 or a 90. That means by basing success on numbers you allow someone else to dictate whether or not you are successful or not.

To me, that sounds kind of hacked, but it is also how capitalism works. MOVE TO CHINA!


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Bah, can’t use simple and clean since I already used it!

Anyway, so after I got back from badminton, I had the strange urge to clean up my desk. After an hour of recycling paper, and digging from top to bottom(including underneath the desk), I have managed to make my desk so clean, that this has to be the cleanest it has been since grade 9 (found grade 9 notes and UTSDC information packages at the bottom of all the piles so I assumed that I have not bothered to clean my desk since grade 9.)

Why did my desk get so cluttered with notes, doodles, and magazines? I would not say I am a disorganized person because before, everything was in piles; very messy piles, but they were in piles at least. I would say the most reasonable cause for ANY messy space is lazyness.

Being lazy to take all your notes at the year and just burn them recycle them.
Being lazy to take all the dirty dishes downstairs to the kitchen.
Being lazy to put all the markers back in the right pencil case.

Lazyness is the number one cause for many faults in the world. But I won’t get into that because it would take too much effort and time (hehe see lazyness right there!)

To conclude, a picture of my desk’s make-over:

It isn't...a mess!


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On June 21, VGL is having a free concert in Toronto. Unfortunately, I’m out of town that week and is unable to attend the concert. This new discovery has left me in despair (hehe, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei~!)

This leads me to my question: Have you ever wanted something so much that you are left in tears when you realize that it was impossible to reach for it?

Recently I started writing out a script for my next shoujo manga doodle (even though I haven’t finished the first one) and it deals with a similar topic. For those of you who saw some of my drawings, you will recognize the name Kino and Yuki. Actually, I made the two characters up as the two main characters in a story, but I have not fully written out. Now to backtrack, Kino and Yuki were separated due to an unfortunate event that led to the death of one of their friends, and another friend to lose all her memories of the past and begin invoking memories of her past life. Anyway, so the script deals with the female lead, Kino, and how she is struggling to distinguish what she thinks she wants, and what she really wants. That being, whether she is truly happy that her friend (Yuki) is still alive somewhere, or does her heart yearn for more. In true shoujo manga fashion, she will eventually realize that she is in love with him (but I am not talking about that part of the story. ) Kino questions why her feelings of emptiness has not lifted, why she still feels like her heart is always falling to pieces. She dismisses the fact that she wants to go see him as something selfish and doesn’t want to be seen that way. But is it really selfish of her to want to see him? In this situation, she probably is selfish, but it does not mean that she is a bad person. Since, she was separated from Yuki and all her other friends by force, and because of other undisclosed background information that I am not telling you about, she has a reason. Also, love would make her obsessive since it is another form of obsession towards an object, person, or idea.

In a real life situation, where is the borderline between selfish and just pure necessity drawn? Really when you start to think about it, it is in human nature to be selfish, but selfish for what was needed to survive such as food, and shelter. However, when we classify someone as a pig because they eat so much, are they selfish? When someone lives in a huge house, or buys a HUGE plot of land for themselves, are they being selfish? When a parent is being overprotective of their child, are they being selfish? Simply wanting to see someone smile, wanting someone to call your name, wanting someone to hold your hand, is that being selfish?

Simply wanting to go to a free concert, is that being selfish?
Sometimes my parents should stop reading all those parenting books to diagnose all my problems, and stick to what is in front of them.


Cardcaptor Sakura sequal

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For those of you who watched the Japanese version of Cardcaptor Sakura or read the manga, the story ends with basically SyaoranxSakura.

Now ten years later, the latest chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (chapter 189) has revealed that Tsubasa, and xxxHolic are actually the sequals to the original Cardcaptor Sakura series.

I shall warn you now, if you have not completed the Tsubasa OVA, I suggest that you stop reading now.

last page of chapter 189

I will start with an idea I thought of while I quickly attempt to repair my brain from the damage CLAMP has dealt once again.

I noticed that in Tsubasa, the theme of there being two of the same people has been continuously reappearing throughout the story. Though xxxHolic is a separate manga in itself, Marudashi and Morodashi are seen as a pair. Which reinforces the theme from within xxxHolic since the Tsubasa and xxxHolic plot cross paths with each other. Since I have not read enough of xxxHolic, I can not specifically draw other examples. However, since the main point of this post is about Tsubasa…

In Tsubasa, there are the vampire twins, these twins are mentioned early in the manga, and then finally make their appearance in volume 13-14. Later, it is revealed that there are two Syaoran, one being the original and the other being a clone. After that, we discovered that Fai had a twin brother.

Fai and Sai <3

I have to say that Fai’s background story is the most complicated story I have ever read.

Fai is not actually Fai but Sai, and that he and his brother (Fai) were both imprisoned in a place where neither one of them could escape. One was placed in a tower, and one was placed at the bottom of the tower, with a wall surrounding the area. They were placed there because it was thought that having twins was a curse, and that in order to get rid of the curse, only one of the twins could free themselves. Eventually Fai told Sai to save himself, but Sai did not want to leave his brother behind, so he promised his brother that he will leave this cruel prison as Fai instead, and will one day come and save him. Thus, Sai became Fai. Therefore, the pattern was not just about twins, but the idea that one was a fake, and one was the original. However, maru and moro, and the vampire twins obviously do not apply to this idea.

Finally, there is the whole idea of Sakura’s soul and body, as well as there being a clone of Sakura and an original who is trapped somewhere between dimensions.

After the whole chess game arc, Sakura’s body and soul were separated. Her body remained with Syaoran (the real one), Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona, but her soul was lost, or so what I understood from the manga. This is where CLAMP starts not making any sense. Everything from here on is based on my own interpretation and may be COMPLETLY WRONG.

Two Sakura

Once passing the Fai story arc, they finally land in Tokyo, the Tokyo Kurogane knew. There, Syaoran searches for Sakura through the power of the Cherry Blossom tree. However, the clone Syaoran appears as well, and he and the real Syaoran have a duel. This duel led to the death of Sakura, who ended up being a clone. The gang finally decide to search for Sakura, whether it be the real Sakura, or the soul of the clone Sakura that went missing. Either way they are both missing and needs to be found and it hurts my brain trying to understand what happened.

After that, CLAMP kept throwing plot twist after plot twist, and finally, it ended with…ANOTHER plot twist. I went to livejournal to see other fan’s reactions, and they are the same as mine “Why CLAMP!?” there was one interesting comment about how Syaoran is pulling an Oedepuis. Lets hope that that is not the case and that the Sakura he saw in the last page of chapter 189 is a different Sakura, who just ended up at the same place for the same reasons as him.

All Coloured Manga scans are credited to Hernia @ livejournal.

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