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May 12, 2008 § 2 Comments

For those of you who watched the Japanese version of Cardcaptor Sakura or read the manga, the story ends with basically SyaoranxSakura.

Now ten years later, the latest chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (chapter 189) has revealed that Tsubasa, and xxxHolic are actually the sequals to the original Cardcaptor Sakura series.

I shall warn you now, if you have not completed the Tsubasa OVA, I suggest that you stop reading now.

last page of chapter 189

I will start with an idea I thought of while I quickly attempt to repair my brain from the damage CLAMP has dealt once again.

I noticed that in Tsubasa, the theme of there being two of the same people has been continuously reappearing throughout the story. Though xxxHolic is a separate manga in itself, Marudashi and Morodashi are seen as a pair. Which reinforces the theme from within xxxHolic since the Tsubasa and xxxHolic plot cross paths with each other. Since I have not read enough of xxxHolic, I can not specifically draw other examples. However, since the main point of this post is about Tsubasa…

In Tsubasa, there are the vampire twins, these twins are mentioned early in the manga, and then finally make their appearance in volume 13-14. Later, it is revealed that there are two Syaoran, one being the original and the other being a clone. After that, we discovered that Fai had a twin brother.

Fai and Sai <3

I have to say that Fai’s background story is the most complicated story I have ever read.

Fai is not actually Fai but Sai, and that he and his brother (Fai) were both imprisoned in a place where neither one of them could escape. One was placed in a tower, and one was placed at the bottom of the tower, with a wall surrounding the area. They were placed there because it was thought that having twins was a curse, and that in order to get rid of the curse, only one of the twins could free themselves. Eventually Fai told Sai to save himself, but Sai did not want to leave his brother behind, so he promised his brother that he will leave this cruel prison as Fai instead, and will one day come and save him. Thus, Sai became Fai. Therefore, the pattern was not just about twins, but the idea that one was a fake, and one was the original. However, maru and moro, and the vampire twins obviously do not apply to this idea.

Finally, there is the whole idea of Sakura’s soul and body, as well as there being a clone of Sakura and an original who is trapped somewhere between dimensions.

After the whole chess game arc, Sakura’s body and soul were separated. Her body remained with Syaoran (the real one), Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona, but her soul was lost, or so what I understood from the manga. This is where CLAMP starts not making any sense. Everything from here on is based on my own interpretation and may be COMPLETLY WRONG.

Two Sakura

Once passing the Fai story arc, they finally land in Tokyo, the Tokyo Kurogane knew. There, Syaoran searches for Sakura through the power of the Cherry Blossom tree. However, the clone Syaoran appears as well, and he and the real Syaoran have a duel. This duel led to the death of Sakura, who ended up being a clone. The gang finally decide to search for Sakura, whether it be the real Sakura, or the soul of the clone Sakura that went missing. Either way they are both missing and needs to be found and it hurts my brain trying to understand what happened.

After that, CLAMP kept throwing plot twist after plot twist, and finally, it ended with…ANOTHER plot twist. I went to livejournal to see other fan’s reactions, and they are the same as mine “Why CLAMP!?” there was one interesting comment about how Syaoran is pulling an Oedepuis. Lets hope that that is not the case and that the Sakura he saw in the last page of chapter 189 is a different Sakura, who just ended up at the same place for the same reasons as him.

All Coloured Manga scans are credited to Hernia @ livejournal.


§ 2 Responses to Cardcaptor Sakura sequal

  • chocho12321 says:

    FIRST POST I WIN! But like tsuabsa has been out for a long time >.< and you got all these other clamp characters in it like yea. I for one always took it as a sequel. but then again i only watched the first 2 eps and read the first volume so like yea not hardcore. GG

  • dhan says:

    Wow. this is Old manga.. but i loved sakura

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