May 19, 2008 § 1 Comment

Bah, can’t use simple and clean since I already used it!

Anyway, so after I got back from badminton, I had the strange urge to clean up my desk. After an hour of recycling paper, and digging from top to bottom(including underneath the desk), I have managed to make my desk so clean, that this has to be the cleanest it has been since grade 9 (found grade 9 notes and UTSDC information packages at the bottom of all the piles so I assumed that I have not bothered to clean my desk since grade 9.)

Why did my desk get so cluttered with notes, doodles, and magazines? I would not say I am a disorganized person because before, everything was in piles; very messy piles, but they were in piles at least. I would say the most reasonable cause for ANY messy space is lazyness.

Being lazy to take all your notes at the year and just burn them recycle them.
Being lazy to take all the dirty dishes downstairs to the kitchen.
Being lazy to put all the markers back in the right pencil case.

Lazyness is the number one cause for many faults in the world. But I won’t get into that because it would take too much effort and time (hehe see lazyness right there!)

To conclude, a picture of my desk’s make-over:

It isn't...a mess!


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