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Will do an in depth review on Uni hopping. For now, just watch the slideshow.



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God exists. Really…God does exist.

According to Mainichi Online News, the serial manga Inuyasha will end in the next issue of Weekly Shounen Sunday published on Jun 18. The author Takahashi Rumiko started this series from Nov 1996. 53 volumes of the comic books have been published and the total sales have reached 43 million copies.

original source:Mainichi JP

This is the summer time~

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Panda-kun with tricolour belt

Summer is here,
the end was clear.
The cult is done,
and the the time has come,
for me to say good bye.

13 滅びし煌きの都市

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A while ago I mentioned Yoko Shimomura released a compilations of orchestrated versions of pieces in a CD called Dramatica. I love listening through the entire CD. It is refreshing, and sometimes even calming to listen to.

滅びし煌きの都市 – 下村陽子Yoko Shimomura (WordPress won’t even let me post imeem shit?!)

This song was…I feel that this song really sticks with me. Although, I love all the other songs and would play it on repeat to no ends, I felt this one was one of the non-Kingdom Hearts I enjoyed the most. When I listen to this song, I picture a person in a city, surrounded by people but lonely at heart, searching, searching for something, or someone. That’s the kind of feeling I get from it

With just the strings section and piano, it gives the piece a very lonely feel. The rising chord progressions (imperfect cadence like) with an added crescendo at 1:24 moves the phrase forward, as if it was going somewhere. Yet, instead of continuing on, the piano begins playing a repeated passage, as if aimlessly walking in a circle. The idea of someone aimlessly walking in a circle is also touched in the main theme where the phrases never really end, but just start from the beginning of the theme, or the same repeating passage. It is evident that the feelings of the song wants to go somewhere as it continues to crescendo throughout the entire piece.

That made me seem incredibly emo but it’s summer…

Birth by Sleep

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DDDDDD: *fangirl scream* Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Trailer! ZOMFG VEN <3333333333 Terra<333333


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I changed the header with the idea of summer in mind. I cropped it from a 秒速5センチメートルwallpaper.

Zomfg a short post.

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