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More news in the Gundam 00 Season 2 second trailer

Miyano’s “AMAZING!” was hilarious. Mamo-sama <333


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I don’t know why…but there’s something about the Nico Nico Medley…

(list subjected to change if more videos are found on youtube.)

Orchestra version


Japanese version (by Yukie)

English Version

English Version with pretty art

Chinese (Mandarin)

Hebrew version

An otaku’s voice

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Recently, I watched a panel on how fansubs are destroying the Anime industry from Anime Expo on youtube. I can’t just help but feel angered by the stupidity of the panel. Seriously…did you ever expect dubbed English dubbed Anime was going to thrive? Firstly, otakus (hardcore Anime fans) would rather watch the original Japanese with fansubs (despite the fact that it is considered an illegal action) then wait an eternity to watched a usually poorly done dub. It’s not because of the English dub’s poor reputation, but because of it’s accessibility. Which comes to my second point, prices. I went to HMV recently, and noticed that the Haruhi box set was charging $50 for JUST 13 episodes. No way is someone going to cough up that much money to buy only 13 episodes of ear bleeding torture (although, dubs have been improving in the voice acting, and translation aspect.) An otaku would probably spend money buying the Japanese box set because it comes with extras such as a bonus DVD with special features on them even if there aren’t any subtitles or because it’s simply a nice collector item to have so you can show off to your other otaku friends. To sum it all up, the American Anime industry are aiming at the wrong target groups. Newbies to the Anime world will most likely only watch dubs found on television since it is the only source of Anime they know of (until someone kindly points them to the right direction). But with recent events resulting in the cancellation of most of these shows, the industry would lose most of its audience. Also, nobody would bother buying the product then because a) the audience would think that it being bad is the reason why broadcasters are canceling it, and b) nobody knows about it. If you want people to buy something you made, you have to let them know that you made something. Since Newtype USA is no longer in print, the only other way for the industries to reel in consumers is to broadcast it on TV since the otakus are not going to bother checking the website. So because the industry is not clearly defining who their targets are, fansubs will continue to be the preferable choice over dubbed shows.

Now to go on a tangent-

Final Fantasy XIII is now slated to be released for the XBOX 360. I think this was a smart move on Square Enix’s part because nobody is willing to spend so much money (get an HDTV and a PS3) to play a couple of video games. Though personally, I prefer the PS3 more than the 360 because it’s more powerful in terms of graphic and sound quality output, and internet access is free and I get to watch Xam’d: Lost Memories. However, there aren’t many games out that are taking advantage of its assets. The only reason I wanted a PS3 was because of FFXIII (and Kingdom Hearts 3?) but now that many PS exclusive games have ported over to the 360, the hope of the PS3 winning the console war just died. Man…Sony, just get rid of the bluray and call it the PS2+.

This isn’t a game PS3

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Recently I watched the anime Xam’d: Lost Memories, which was released about a week ago on the PS3 movie store. Although, this attempt to get my to buy the damn thing didn’t work, it’s still a pretty good try. Enough bashing about the PS3 and how it lost Final Fantasy XIII and on to what I was actually going to talk about.

Xam’d: Lost Memories is an interesting anime done by Bones. This new title is to celebrate Bones 10 year anniversary and it definitely shows. When watching this I got the same feeling of Eureka 7, Nausicaa, Escaflowne all in one episode. Based on the anime community’s reaction, the anime also gave off the same vibes as Last Exile and Rahxephon. The animation quality and character designs were both strikingly similar to other Bones’ titles mentioned earlier and thus, I personally felt a bit nostalgic. The story started off really well, and left me wanting the next episode right now. Also, the opening song is addicting. I was surprised that the band was actually a Japanese band because the English in the song was very good (the song is in English.)

In summary, Akiyuki is a male high school student who lives on Sentan island, an island which is neutral towards the Northern and Southern nations (think ORB from Gundam SEED.) Outside of this somewhat peaceful island, the North and the South are at war with each other. One day, Akiyuki and his school mates were caught in a terrorist bombing incident at the school bus stop. When he tried to see if any body in the bus was alive, he encountered the girl he helped and coincidently was the person who bombed the bus. The girl suddenly gave him a special power that transformed him into an unknown creature…

Although the story’s direction is unclear, the first episode left me with a really good impression about this show. Plus, the opening song is just ❤

Opening theme: “Shut up and Explode” by Boom Boom Satellite

Technical Difficulties

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It seems the header isn’t functioning today…well I was planning to change it anyway.


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Finally got myself a Nico Nico account.
I spoke about the greatness of Nico Nico in a post earlier in the year (except the video died because youtube is a tool.) Nico Nico Douga is a Japanese video sharing community (similar to youtube) where MADs (Japanese parodies), insanely pro musical artists, and high quality videos dominate. Unlike youtube, Nico Nico allow users to post videos in high quality, without the 10 min limit. Another interesting point about Nico Nico is the commenting system. When you write and post a comment, your comment will scroll across the video at the point you posted it. So if you posted your comment at 1:37 in the video, it will scroll at 1:37. Of course scrolling Japanese text can get annoying, so there’s always the option of turning the comments off when you watch the video and read them on the panel on the side.

Anyway, since I’m not known for being the best explainer in the world, a video-

Good thing it is over

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Excessive amounts of blood neh?

Soul Eater ep 14 summary

Oh God this episode was funny. I won’t really do a summary since it’ll spoil the story for those who aren’t following the manga, or haven’t watched the episode yet. But I would like to comment on Soul’s act of “cheating.”

“The purpose of an exam is to test what you have learned in the year, not to test how well you can cheat.”
Hmmm, what happens if the only thing you learned was how to cheat? I guess that means you are screwed like Soul.

Cheating, taught to us as an illegal and intolerable action by those higher up. But to some of us in this capitalist world, we believe a good mark essentially determines our future. In that sense, a test or an exam could be considered as a life or death situation. You fail the English exam, you have to retake English. You fail a bunch of test, you bring down your average, and therefore Universities won’t accept because they do not believe you have the capability to survive their courses. In a life or death situation, one would be desperate to live usually. For example, if one were to be under threat of being attacked by a stranger, one would either defend themselves, or run and call for help, or be smart and pull of some strategic evasive maneuvers. Now lets put this into a chess analogy. Say the bishop is an exam or a test. This bishop is in check with you the king. Since the bishop is in check with the king, the problem must be addressed first and cannot be avoided or else you lose the game because your king died. Similarly to how you can’t avoid exams. In a game of chess, preparation to defend the king should have been done before hand or else you are a very bad chess player. This way solving a situation like a check becomes less problematic. Now in this situation, there are three ways of resolving a check from the bishop 1) block the bishop 2) take the bishop , or 3) move the king. These resolutions have pros and cons such as resolving the problem, and advancing your own forces, to breaking up your defensive formation, or losing a valuable piece.

So the question I ask you is to cheat, or not to cheat?

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