Uni Hopping

July 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

Is that even how you spell hopping?

University of Calgary
-Scattered: buildings are scattered, not centralized.
-Standard facilities
-DDR club
-Bubble tea in cafeteria
-Similar to McMaster

University of Alberta
-buildings are a combination of old and new
-Pharmacy building has nuclear reactor (that sounds like fun)
-Residence: sketch
-Profs are more mac oriented
-Panda as their mascot
-T&T at the West Edmonton Mall
-Similar to McMaster

In Alberta you do not have to pay PST when shopping.

University of British Columbia
-Flexibility in terms of combinations of programs
-Large scattered
-buildings designed to represent the faculty. (Ex, science building is supposed to be a eukaryote cell…)
-Residence: nice
-Entire campus has wi-fi (including rose garden, and asian garden which are very cool places to study.)
-T&T is accessible in Richmond
-Hosting the Hockey event for the 2010 Olympics (don’t know how, but that’s what the tour guide said.)
-Similar to Queens/UfT

University of Victoria
-Community: buildings are all within the same radius. My Dad’s classmate said that it reminded him of the Roman Empire. Yeah…more like the Bunny Empire.
-Nice environment
-Entire campus has Wi-fi
(There were a lot…of rabbits…)
-Similar to McGill

Simon Fraser University
-Building: one large complex on a mountain.
-Allows for flexibility in schedule
-Co-op program
-Course taken on exchanges do not affect GPA but do count as a credit.
-Tri-semester system (US)
-All classes are held in the same building. Each faculty has a branch/wing.
-Residence: all single, brand new.
-Entire campus has wi-fi
-Bubble Tea present on campus
-T&T in one of the shopping plazas near by.

May add on later if I remember extra stuff.


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