Good thing it is over

July 8, 2008 § 2 Comments

Excessive amounts of blood neh?

Soul Eater ep 14 summary

Oh God this episode was funny. I won’t really do a summary since it’ll spoil the story for those who aren’t following the manga, or haven’t watched the episode yet. But I would like to comment on Soul’s act of “cheating.”

“The purpose of an exam is to test what you have learned in the year, not to test how well you can cheat.”
Hmmm, what happens if the only thing you learned was how to cheat? I guess that means you are screwed like Soul.

Cheating, taught to us as an illegal and intolerable action by those higher up. But to some of us in this capitalist world, we believe a good mark essentially determines our future. In that sense, a test or an exam could be considered as a life or death situation. You fail the English exam, you have to retake English. You fail a bunch of test, you bring down your average, and therefore Universities won’t accept because they do not believe you have the capability to survive their courses. In a life or death situation, one would be desperate to live usually. For example, if one were to be under threat of being attacked by a stranger, one would either defend themselves, or run and call for help, or be smart and pull of some strategic evasive maneuvers. Now lets put this into a chess analogy. Say the bishop is an exam or a test. This bishop is in check with you the king. Since the bishop is in check with the king, the problem must be addressed first and cannot be avoided or else you lose the game because your king died. Similarly to how you can’t avoid exams. In a game of chess, preparation to defend the king should have been done before hand or else you are a very bad chess player. This way solving a situation like a check becomes less problematic. Now in this situation, there are three ways of resolving a check from the bishop 1) block the bishop 2) take the bishop , or 3) move the king. These resolutions have pros and cons such as resolving the problem, and advancing your own forces, to breaking up your defensive formation, or losing a valuable piece.

So the question I ask you is to cheat, or not to cheat?


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