This isn’t a game PS3

July 22, 2008 § 1 Comment

Recently I watched the anime Xam’d: Lost Memories, which was released about a week ago on the PS3 movie store. Although, this attempt to get my to buy the damn thing didn’t work, it’s still a pretty good try. Enough bashing about the PS3 and how it lost Final Fantasy XIII and on to what I was actually going to talk about.

Xam’d: Lost Memories is an interesting anime done by Bones. This new title is to celebrate Bones 10 year anniversary and it definitely shows. When watching this I got the same feeling of Eureka 7, Nausicaa, Escaflowne all in one episode. Based on the anime community’s reaction, the anime also gave off the same vibes as Last Exile and Rahxephon. The animation quality and character designs were both strikingly similar to other Bones’ titles mentioned earlier and thus, I personally felt a bit nostalgic. The story started off really well, and left me wanting the next episode right now. Also, the opening song is addicting. I was surprised that the band was actually a Japanese band because the English in the song was very good (the song is in English.)

In summary, Akiyuki is a male high school student who lives on Sentan island, an island which is neutral towards the Northern and Southern nations (think ORB from Gundam SEED.) Outside of this somewhat peaceful island, the North and the South are at war with each other. One day, Akiyuki and his school mates were caught in a terrorist bombing incident at the school bus stop. When he tried to see if any body in the bus was alive, he encountered the girl he helped and coincidently was the person who bombed the bus. The girl suddenly gave him a special power that transformed him into an unknown creature…

Although the story’s direction is unclear, the first episode left me with a really good impression about this show. Plus, the opening song is just ❤

Opening theme: “Shut up and Explode” by Boom Boom Satellite


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