Only one talking

September 16, 2008 § 4 Comments

I noticed this a long time ago, but whenever I’m talking to friends, I’m usually the only one talking. Makes me feel like my “rants” are rather boring. So then I end up talking more because I’m trying to get them to say something in response to what I’m saying, but in the end it never happens and I just get left unheard…most of the time (this could also explain my abnormally loud voice.) Then I start wondering if I’m an annoying person, but then I realized that I already know that I’m an annoying person because my train of thoughts don’t usually stop, and creates a really long run on sentence. So then I get annoyed at the fact that these people do not respond, when they know I don’t plan on changing my typing patterns because it’s how I think (I think this is how I get 500 words/min speeds on that typing game.) But then I don’t want to get people angry because I’m angry at them for annoying me because I want to talk to them, even though it’s just me spewing out trivial stuff about anime, yamapi or NEWS, or emo asian topics that get everyone emo. So the true intentions of my rants are to try and engage in an interesting conversation, yet I always end up bothering the people on the other end because they never respond, so I have no idea if they (my friends) are getting everything and reading it. So recently I have decided to try something new and try prompting questions such as “how are you?” and “what are you doing?” but those questions get boring quickly, and also that isn’t really a conversation. Then I reflected a bit longer and wanted to ask if they actually read most of my rants? Most of them would probably answer “Hell no!” cause it be a waste of time, but I wonder if there is someone out there who listens to everything I say? Cause it’s one thing to not respond, but it’s an entirely different thing to not bother listening.

If someone made it this far, then that’s cool.


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§ 4 Responses to Only one talking

  • hikarikame says:

    I read this T_T. nice post.

    i think some people don’t listen when you talk about anime b/c they don’t know what you’re talking about. for example, if you talk to i dunno…turner about gundam 00, she’ll probably be like “wtf i don’t understand” and then proceed to stop listening.

    i’m pretty sure we all listen to you though (maybe not always when you talk about animes we don’t know about…like lucky star because…i dunno. ruby and i don’t watch lucky star…and neither does jackie?) so yeah…
    actually let me rephrase that. it’s not not listening…it’s the phasing out type thing because we dun know what you’re talking about so we listen but odn’t understand and end up staring at your awesome hand gestures and listening, instead, to your unique voice.

    but we still ❤ you.

  • chocho_12321 says:

    >.< But thats how i keep up with all my anime and school life. So i don’t need to go read some other guy’s blog lawl.

  • Hoomoo says:

    Wow Aggy you just made me laugh SUPER LOUD and I was in the NYTPL reading this so everyone just looked at me funny and speaking of which, NYTPL, I just had dinner at Ajisan and I AM NOW ADDICTED TO THEIR SESAME ICE CREAM, KTHANKS FOR THAT.

    Anyway, I read everything slash I hear everything you say but pretty much like what Megan said, WE DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE SAYING.

  • Kitsune says:

    Always remember that a conversation involves two people. You might be one of the most interesting persons in the world, but people you talk to are just not very responsive for some reason. The reasons can vary widely also: maybe the person you are trying to communicate with is not very talkative in general or maybe s/he just had a bad day. Thus, the reaction of the people to you talk will vary depending on the person you talk to and on the circumstances.

    It is essential to realize that reading and commenting on posts are very different things. Thousands of people might read your blog and care about what you has to say, but never comment. It is just a simple fact that we ll have to accept.

    Personally, I enjoy talking to people because I am always interested in what they have to say, and what views they have on the world 🙂

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