Fixing problems

September 28, 2008 § 5 Comments

Panda Army General is in the house, and has come to solve some important problems. Consider this a rant.

Celebration Saturday
Celebration Saturday has been a tradition for me for the past 6 years, and never have I felt this confused about why I was there in the first place. Previous Celebration Saturdays have always been to support to United Way, to support and help the people around us. However, this year, the focus was on our school’s Triangle of hope. After watching Macross Frontier, I think I have had enough of triangles but I will explain to you what it is anyway. The Triangle of Hope is essentially a partnership with three schools: One private school, one public school, and one school in Africa. I go to the private school, where its admin believes that it be a good idea to fund raise money for this triangle. The school itself donates and fund raise for the triangle enough already, why go overboard when more than 50% of the money is just going to us? My understanding of a partnership is that you give and take from each other, but this relationship is one sided. Also, how can these African schools deal with so much money being pooled into them? Think about it…People in Africa are dying because the media is telling us they are dying. These dying people then see this school receiving a huge sum of money that could be used to buy food, and clothing instead of books, pencils, and desks. Unless the school actually does not get that much money, and we get most of it. Because of this change in cause, the enthusiasm level was very low this year. Not as many people baked cookie grams, not as many people brought in silent auction items, not as many people overflowed the bake sale with bake goods. For God’s sake, they ran out of cookie grams by the second shift, and I had my hopes on sharing some with friends. Although the green movement is a step forward, the Triangle of Hope killed Celebration Saturday. I suggest leaving things the way they were

Note to people yelling at me because my program only had the school mascot (drawn slightly more to resemble a Pokemon): Community partnership my ass, this isn’t even a triangle, where there are two people fighting over for one person’s love. Geez! Plus they weren’t yelling when I first showed them the damn sketch. Retarded people trying to out smart me, and retarded admin for being ignorant.

This year, our school will not be participating in CISMF. CISMF is an event where music students from different private schools join together to make music. Strong image, good cause, why pull out? Is it because their aren’t any triangles? Jokes. I heard from a friend, who heard from another friend (yeah really sketchy when I say it that way) that it was because the school did not wish to host this year. In other words, they didn’t not want to have mass amounts of teenagers in the school. It is understandable that last year was a mess, with someone pulling the fire alarm, and people smoking in the bathrooms. But to pull out of something merely because you do not want to have these people in the vicinity? I say that is the cowards way out. In our school, almost half the school is part of a music ensemble, and mostly all these students audition for CISMF. To tell these people, including me, that we can not audition because the school is not part of CISMF because we did not want to host, is bullshit. Then to say that you don’t want to have people smoking, and pulling fire alarms because it’ll be a hassle, is just ridiculous. The students who WISHES to participate are being punished because some idiot pulled a fire alarm, and a collective group of idiots decided to smoke something in the bathroom. If I was the “admin” I would have bitched at the organizer, “If you want us to host, then we don’t want last year to repeat.” Instead of “I don’t want to host, I’m not going.”

Note: I realized that the fire alarm might have been caused because of the smokers…

In IDC, we talked about how the admin at our school controls everything, and that in order to pass something and make it happen, you must go through admin. For example, our school now has sweater vests. These fashionable uniform items were recently brought into the uniform a couple of years ago. But in IDC, we learned that these sweater vests took 3 years to get through to admin. For a simple…piece of clothing, it took 3 years… The Admin, nobody actually knows who they are, but if something about the school is wrong, it is the Admin’s fault. If the student council wanted to make changes but are unable to, it is because the Admins won’t let them. To me, the admin is an omnipotent entity, and controls the school. Not even teachers have say on things. For example the CISMF problem. So to solve the problems of the students, and possibly teachers, this “Admin” needs to be challenged by the community as a whole. Being democratic about it does not seem to be working as shown by how pathetic the student council is.

Other things
The computer labs should be open so that the middle schoolers don’t take over the library. It is a fucking library, some people are trying to work.

The cafe prices need to go down or else everyone will resort to eating only a bagel for lunch. Trying to be environmentally friendly is one thing, but hiking up the prices is another. We paid shit amount of money to go to this school, there shouldn’t be a need to have to fork over more money.

I understand that you’d need Grad dues for food, but to pay $80 just so I can get my sweater, and pay for formal? What about the people who do not want to go? (that being me) Why am I forced to pay for something I did not plan on attending but is now forced to cause I paid so much money for it?


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§ 5 Responses to Fixing problems

  • Blacketh says:

    Celebration Saturday — agreed. BTW this triangle is totally one sided…what is Havergal getting out of this bogus relationship? NOTHING. We need to learn that shoving money at this is not the answer. We are not learning that.
    Admin — student council is pretty much a prop, I don’t think they really do anything useful at all. All they’ve done is sweater vests and air fresheners in the bathrooms that don’t work.
    Computers — agreed. People need to freaking get off the computers and shut up in the library.
    Caf prices — thanks for the reference to me and my bagel AGNES.
    Grad dues — you know that you’re going to have to additionally buy a ticket for formal right? I’m pretty sure tickets aren’t included in dues, dues are just more money for them to go crazy with the theming and planing and stuff. Same for the sweatshirt, it’s charged to your account.

  • chocho12321 says:

    Yea celebration saturday wasn’t as intense as i thought it was gonna be. But at least the stuff u do gets donated somewhere, everything we do gets donated to the P.O.

    Its not that hard to challenge admins if u get a good group of students to hang out with them for a while and get to know them. Ezier that way, i think u should get a group of ppl and hang out with him/her more lawl.

    You can prolly talk to the admin and get the computer labs open during the day. Doesn’t exactly seem like something hard to approve. Petitions are an activists best friend.

    Our caf prices are rediculous. Over the past 5 years at the upper school the price for lunch has increased by a $1.50. breakfast by $1.00 and dinner by $2.00! I don’t even know how much sushi costs its like 7 bucks for just for 8 pieces.

  • evilpandabear says:

    ^Milk used to be 1.25 or something. It’s like 2.50 or something now. WTF.

  • Argon says:

    DAMN RIGHT. That needed to be said.

    Celebration Saturday: Quite frankly, this year sucked. No one was enthusiastic, and all of the joy of being there was taken away. I must say, it was a disapointing last-ever celebration day, and I don’t know if I plan to return next year. As for the triangle, I can understand where they come from regarding the money going towards children education, but United Way was not only a worthier cause, but it was solving problems close to home. No partnerships, no mess. Just simple, genuine, giving to people who need it in our city.

    CISMF: What the…?!?! Bloody hell. -___________-

    Admin: Our admin are evil. I don’t know who they are or where they came from, but they have thir fingers in each and every pie at this school, and refuse to release their grup until they’ve ruined the dessert for everyone. Not only do they take a ridiculus amount of time to make simple decisions, but they say “no” for the stupidest reasons. I know that from first hand experience. I hate Admin.

    As for prices, there’s a very high chance that I may just stop eating altogether. I’ve been on a tight buget for lunches, so the increased prince means that if I forget my lunch/don’t have time to pack, I simply can not afford to buy it.

    Q.E.D. 08/09 sucks so far.

  • Argon says:

    So many typos. Sorry.

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