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September 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

A response to a friend

I’ll just make new friends
It’s not that hard
talk to the person next door, you don’t like them, don’t talk to them
if they don’t like you and you don’t talk to them, then you have a mutual connection there

Even if i stay here…
it’s not like it can be the same
everyone goes their own way, even if they are staying home, it’s not like you can see them everyday in the halls unless they are in the same classes as you which I highly doubt
but everyone is moving forward so I shouldn’t drag them behind because i don’t want people to leave, or because I’m going to feel lonely.
that’s why you should become closer or stay as close as possible while we still can T T
so that when we all leave, we all know that we’ll see each other again
I don’t want to leave like when i left my elementary school, not sure I’ll see everyone again

so that is my long rant to I don’t know what


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