Saturday Morning Cartoons

October 7, 2008 § 4 Comments

Remember the good old days when you would rush home after school, or wake up early on a Saturday to catch your favourite TV show?

Here are a couple of links to the opening (on youtube):
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball (Z and GT)
Monster Ranchers

I watch YTV now and cringe in disgust as to what they are showing the kids now a days. But times change, and I have moved on from Saturday Cartoons, to avid otaku.

Also, I have found a site where you can download the entire Pokemon Background Music Soundtrack. Might I say, the music is epic with the nostalgic 90’s feel to it. It made me smile just listening to the pokemon theme in full orchestra. So I want to share that feeling with everyone else.


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§ 4 Responses to Saturday Morning Cartoons

  • [silent.shadow] says:

    nice Aggy
    Cardcaptors and Digimon were my favourites back then =]

  • evilpandabear says:

    Where’s beyblade >:/

  • jamegackie says:


  • jocky32 says:

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