October 11, 2008 § 1 Comment

No I’m not going to rant about nico nico video. However I am going to rant about photos for graduation.

Last week or so the entire graduating class of 2008-2009 had their photos taken for their grad photo. When the photos arrived earlier this week, everyone scrambled to get their hands on the brown envelope to see how they looked. Then comes the annoying bit. Every single person will say “eww I look terrible!” Now to be fair, I wasn’t too happy at the fact that one picture looked like I was sneezing, and the rest were a little awkward cause I was forcing myself to smile. However, to watch everyone else frustrate themselves over how ugly their photos are was truly an annoying site.

People, only ONE of your photos are going in the yearbook. Not all 12 billion.

People would complain how their face was weird in one photo, or they look ugly in this photo, I understand that some people will be unhappy about how one photo turned out, this is why there are multiple photos where you get to choose, your best one. Instead of complaining about how ugly one or all the photos are, people should be picking their best one. it is pathetic how people were expecting their photos to turn out great. Your smile looks weird, then smile more often to make it natural. You’re hair looked ugly, you should have fixed it before you took the picture or got a stylist to do it for you. You hate your make up? Then do it yourself or pay money to get a pro to do it.

Seriously, if you wanted your grad photos to look good, then become a model and do photo shoot sessions.


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