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October 18, 2008 § 9 Comments

I am alive! I did not get giardia poisining (a.k.a no projectile vomiting and diarrhea) and I did not catch the flu like Ms. B did. But I had a really boring time, so boring that I was really irritated.

First complaint, who was the retard that suggested that ALL the big ensembles go on this trip? I had to run back and forth from Band sectionals to Orchestra rehearsal, then back for my meals, then back to go to my room. Not only that, there was a HUGE lack of communication. One of the clarinets in orchestra, who was present at Bark Lake, did not show up to ANY of the rehearsals because it was not clearly specified which rehearsal she was supposed to attend.

Second, who was the retard that suggested that we play team building camp activities? Seriously, I have played these games so many times and also, I have better things to do then being reacquainted to people I know. Things such as sleeping, doing some school work (cause next week is my hell week), or even practicing some more. It was agreed that there was NO free time given, so people were not able to fully prepare for talent night, people were late for rehearsal or meals cause they would have had to run from one end of the campsite to the other. There was no time to chill.

Third, who was the retard that suggested the menu? Yeah, Chinese dinner. Chinese people ONLY eat white rice (what was that brown crap? Potatoes…?). Fish balls are made out of “fish” not 90% flour and 10% chicken. Spring rolls are Vietnamese/Thai/whateverthatgeneralarea and do not contain recycled lettuce from the salad bar. There are NO peppers in vegetable stir fry. Sweet and Sour Sauce is not sweet. Cups were disgusting, not clean at all. Plus I could have sworn they left the ketchup out over night cause it was all brown and warm the next day. Yeah, they complain about how eating in the serving area was prohibited due to health issues, but they wouldn’t have health issues in the first place if everything wasn’t garbage. I had to resort to tea cause the coffee would have shit in it, the milk was probably sitting in the dispenser for days, and juice was watered down kool aid. Also, the only thing they served was pretty much potatoes. French fries, mash potato, potato squares, something made out of potato…I was there last year, so I was expecting it to be this bad anyway.

Now to respond to the comments:

I’m not sure about band camp being awesome…
but I know Bark Lake is awesome!! Sarah went to Bark Lake a couple years ago… I think the same time you went. except she was in a different program…

Bark Lake was good when it comes to team building because that’s what it is geared towards, but for band camp, they could have just shipped us out to a city like New York, make us sit through a concert, rehearse in a much better area (a.k.a auditorium instead of a cafeteria.) I think that was what the majority of the people who went, would have preferred. The huge hassle of having three large ensembles go on a trip could have been dealt with better. Either by shafting the orchestra, or doing a large collaboration between choir, symphonic and orchestra. Now that would be intense.

dood band camp is awesome. its like 4 hrs of practicing thne whatever u want to do for the rest of the day. at least thats how it was for us. u could even skip practice lawl.

Unfortunately, they filled up our “free” time with stupid activities. I mean it just ended up being a complete waste of time for the staff, and for us. Also, since when were there nice dorm buildings where they had a kitchen and a TV in the common room and only a small selection of students were able to stay there? Not saying the dorm I was staying in wasn’t bad, but if there was a better option, then why not give us that rather than stay in a shafted dorms and cabins?

Hope you have as much fun as you can with Miss B and Ms Janes.
It’ll be awesome.

Hey! You totally ditched Ms. Deboer in orchestra. (Don’t know if that’s how you spell her name.) Also, I’m not in choir, so I don’t see Ms. Janes, and I spent the entire time hanging out with Orchestra so I didn’t see Ms. B’s bitchy face either.


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§ 9 Responses to Re: Bark Lake

  • evilpandabear says:

    “Chinese people do not eat white rice.”

    Wait.. what..?!?

  • pirandomfactor says:

    lol potatoes. get used to it. they do that at university too lmfao.

  • jamegackie says:

    Dude… have you been to an overnight camp before? Thankfully, I didn’t go to this sketchy retreat. I’m so smart. ^^

  • chocho12321 says:

    dood, i eat white rice every meal except when i’m at school, then its either potatoes, pasta, or mexican rice. and i would prefer shit in my coffee instead of the watered down stuff we get at our school. But yes, our band camp > yours in ever way possible from the sounds of it.

  • Blacketh says:

    I got my flu shot yesterday =D

    Poor Ms DeBoer…she gets to deal with me Monday at lunch while I rant about sunscreen and plants.

  • chocho12321 says:

    lol i’m sorry, i’m just bitter because i couldn’t go to band camp this year.

  • kureejii says:

    to everyone: Sorry, my bad! I obviously didn’t edit when i posted this XD

    I meant to say that chinese people eat ONLY white rice (yeah my brain is really messed). Cause the “fried rice” they served us was brown and…not rice. I bet they spent so much time shaping potatoes in to rice XD

    Anyway *goes back to change it* Thanks guys for…noticing my messed up logic.

    to otou-san: and um this is why I plan to go to the west…T&T!!! Not even…I take the bus for 10 mins and I can get a $2 meal or a huge crap load of meat at the HK BBQ store.

    to jamegackie: As I stated somewhere in my post, and the post before. I have been to Bark Lake and undergoing another round of torture for the third time was annoying.

  • Argon says:

    Three things to say:
    One, I completely agree about the free time. We missed two whole days of hell, only to return to an increased amount of hell because of it. At least give us some time to do Satan’s work while we’re there.
    Two, the facilities sucked. In the room we sang in, I could barely hear the other half of the choir. I don’t know about you, but I think that if person can’t hear the entire ensemble, they end up out of tune, and some of the sections end up one and a half beats ahead. (This happened. On several occasions.) And can someone tell the conductor that you can’t SING OUTSIDE and expect to be DECENT?
    And three, about the food, I wouldn’t complain. We got three meals a day and periodic snacks. That’s a hell of a lot more food than I’d get on a normal day. Seriously.

  • snowman says:

    COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME. my rant of the idiotic trip is too long to post here…

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