Wise Words

November 3, 2008 § 3 Comments

There are many teachers in my school who are my heroes. One of them being Mr. McCulloch. Although in student assembly we deemed him as a bald homeless man, he has many interesting things to say (most of them being “you suck” but hey, it’s nice to hear someone else other than myself say that once in a while.) Today, because I had symphony, I would like to take a moment to remember a few of Mr. McCulloch’s many fine moments.

Shut up and just do it!
“Stop making excuses and you will be successful!”

Get married to kill yourself…!

“The reason why you put rings on your ring finger is because it is attached to the artery and therefore connected to the heart. So then when you put on a ring made out of bad metal, it will seep into your soul.”

Sarcasm haha -.-‘
This quote was said today as a comment when one of the cellos were leaving and he was wondering where the hell the piccolo player was because he changed the seating so that she could sit next to the flutes.
“I love how Havergal Students put in so much commitment; I wonder if they’re this committed to their boyfriends?”

To be continued


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