Half Pain

November 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

Half Pain

The Witch Hunter Robin ending sung by Bana (who also did the opening.) Just recently I listened to one of my older playlists on Windows Media Player and heard this song and started repeating it a bit (yes I’m that emo guys!) This was a great ending theme for Witch Hunter Robin and I enjoyed listening to it when I first watched the series in my newbie otaku days. What I like the most is the bubble popping noise followed by a tiny bell, it was really refreshing. This lyrics are fairly emo, and even when I didn’t understand the lyrics when I first heard it (because the song is in Japanese,) I knew the song was depressing with its slow paced mellow melody. Which counteracts my overly happy playlist that consists of cheesy jpop songs. To be honest this isn’t my favourite song, why it’s stuck in my old playlist, but it’s still a good song.

Anyway you may have noticed that all my posts have been short rants about songs (most of them new with the exception of ‘Half Pain’.) This is because I’m very lazy, and nobody bothers reading my usual rants (the random ones, not the pissed of ‘THIS IS HOW THE WORLD SHOULD BE’ rants.) So I shall overload you with MUSICAL AWESOMNESS until your brain explodes bohahahaha!


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