Shoot the full moon

November 13, 2008 § 2 Comments

Disclaimer: ranting about how my life sucks right now, so don’t read if you’re just going to make me feel more frustrated.

Damn, my life died within a span of 2 hours.
First, failed to play Bach Prelude and Fugue from memory…FAIL.
Second, my teacher tells me it is impossible for me to do a full sonata…FAIL.
Third, I left my English binder at school and I have a re-test tomorrow…FAIL.
Fourth, UBC application won’t accept my OUAC reference number…FAIL.
Fifth, I forgot how to do a question on the math quiz…FAIL.
Sixth, I am scared for life thanks to Ef~ Tales of Melodies episode 6…FAIL.
Seventh, I have almost watched 70 days worth of Anime…FAIL.

and the list continues.
Some of the good things that happened to me today…
One, I did really well on my last quiz (and would have gotten perfect if the teacher wasn’t a tool and took off marks because I said x could equal two possible answers when…it can! YES WE CAN damn it!)
Two, my piano teacher now knows I plan to audition into music programs.
Three, me and my partner FINALLY found books for IDC we could use.
Four, I finished the Music Night Poster which is VERY colourful.
and…I can’t think of anymore because I’m pessimistic like that.


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