November 20, 2008 § 3 Comments

Today in one of our IDC discussions, someone said a really interesting point that I somewhat agree with.

“We live in an age where information is at our fingertips, and because of that luxury we become lazy.”

Another classmate added, that western society are too overwhelmed with the amount of information thrown at them, and their reaction is to back away and not do anything.

I believe this idea is very valid. We know too much that we can not possibly agree on a perfect solution.

A kid innocently questioned “why not just turn off all the street lights?” If an entire country actually turned off its street lights, the amount of energy saved is too large for me to estimate. But then there are people who are opposed to this really smart idea because of something like safety. Kids do not go outside at night and play on the streets, so how would they know that turning off the lights would actually harm people who do live a nightlife?
Someone, a researcher, an expert in the field would preach the world on how to live, and solutions to problems but nobody listens because it is too idealistic. There are many great ideas out there, we will clap, cheer, and nod our heads in agreement to the ideas. However, at the end of the day, we all shake our heads once we get into the nooks and crannys of things. Take Kyoto for example. Great idea, failed miserably because America did not sign it.

As a student, there is always that “what will you do in the future?” factor to everything we do. Well, if I list some of the world problems I would not be able to count them with my two hands alone. So then where do I start? Yes I want change. Yes people want change, as shown through Obama’s successful presidential campaign. Society wants to solve for x, but x can have more than one value.

An analogy:
Like most grade 12 high school students, applying to universities is an annoying process. Endless amounts of research must be done on each university, and for most who do not know what they want to do and where to go, it is stressful. But it must be done in order for you to get into university.
Now imagine your parents disagree with your choice of university.
Imagine all your friends want to go to a specific university, but you do not have a particular interest towards that university.
Imagine your grades suddenly drop for no reason.
Imagine yourself encountering financial issues, and the university you want to go to is too expensive to afford for your family.
Imagine yourself hoping the last envelope says “We accept you.”
Imagine all of these things happening at the same time.

People would want to give up if there was too much drama and stress.

Is this not the same with issues around the world?
Some want to help our local economy but at the same time, people in Africa are starving to death because they do not have the resources to support a local economy.
Some want to install solar panels in their house but they can not afford it.
Some find it fashionable to wear eco-friendly clothes, while you do not particularly care whether or not the shirt you have on is fashionable and green as long as it is cheap.

We can not deal with everything. With this mentality, nobody will do anything because they can not be bothered to fix the situation. When someone stands up and tells us what we should do, we point and label said person an idealist, instead of trying to do what the person says.

Seriously, some of the problems in the world could be solved in a month if we all just stopped thinking, and started acting.


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§ 3 Responses to Activism

  • Argon says:

    Unfortunately, it is against human nature to act in order to change. It is merely the individuals who have slightly different brain chemistry that have the ability to act and make a difference, and even then, it’s too insignificant. I can try all I want to solve the problems around me. It’s not going to work. I won’t give up, of course, but either way, the BEST case scenario is that what little difference I actually made is compensated by someone else squandering their resources.
    Just some food for thought.

  • pirandomfactor says:

    lmao a fraction of the us spending on military stuff can solve world hunger.
    uhh i doubt marks drop for “no reason”
    lol you don’t hAVE to go to university 😛
    having a dictator would definitely be the fastest way to get things done. but as well know, power corrupts even the best of people.

  • kureejii says:

    ^ Sometimes I feel society looks down on people like that, people who care enough or people who have the “ability to make a difference.”

    ^^ That’s cause you’ve never experienced the horrors of dropping from an A student to a failure! Jokes jokes XD

    I agree, dictatorship WOULD be the fastest way, but that doesn’t solve the problem of people being lazy. If the dictatorship gets out of hand, people would be too fearful to stand up to regime. So maybe lazyness and fear are connected?

    IDC ❤

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