November 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

Warning: A really long winded and sappy summary of a drama

This past weekend, I had the chance to participate in a local music festival. Unfortunately, with the poor outcome of my performances, I felt a little lost. I know some of you will laugh at me for letting a minor set back make me reflective; in other words: emo. But music is something really important to me. As you may have notice, the majority of my post have been summaries of songs that I just happened to listen to (yeah, I watch too much anime.) The fact that I did not do a good job performing the music makes me sad for it means I do not have the courage to listen to the music. Therefore, I practice less, and make it less of a priority when it is up there along with taking over the world (jokes.) So I thought I needed some re-inspiration, and decided to rewatch Nodame Cantabile Live Action.

After the first episode, just like that, I had the urge to make music again. Yes it is a Japanese drama; Yes it is a romance comedy, but it truly is an amazing drama to watch. Although the actors are “acting” and not really playing, but the characters really are inspiring. I especially liked the scene in episode 5 when the Stressaman(sp?) urges Chiaki to forget what he told him to do and play the music, which mirrors Chiaki’s action to Nodame in episode 1, Mine in episode 2 and the S-oke later on. Through the course of the first five episode, Chiaki learned that it is important to play the music, not just what is written on the page. I wanted to try it too. Although, it would be much easier for me if I had Chiaki’s sight reading skills, or Nodame’s ears. I know a lot of people really enjoyed and were inspired by this drama, and some people even gained a deeper appreciation to classical music. I mean, whats not to love about Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 for piano? In the end, I was re-inspired.

Now to practice till my finger bleeds…again! Hahaha!
Note: Nodame Cantabile Live Action was adapted from the popular manga that goes by the same title. There is also an anime with its second season currently airing (not as good as the live action though.)

Congrats for making it to the end of the post! Now for a treat~
Rasphody in Blue ~Nodame Cantabile Pianica Version~


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  • Argon says:

    I’ve read the manga and loved it, but I’ve never seen the Drama.
    For the record, I am a big Gershwin fan, so seeing Rhapsody in Blue really made my day.
    Definitely seems worth watching. Maybe I’ll check it out.

    And don’t feel down. If music is that important to you, play it like no one can hear you–don’t let a poor performance distract you. I mean, if I catered my art around the thoughts of other people, or gave up when I messed up severely, I’d have gone into a depressive state a long time ago.

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