Separated Hearts

December 8, 2008 § 2 Comments

I’m breaking the habit! Yes, a non-music youtube video related post. More emotastic poetry, yah =.=”” I am such a fountain of emoness. Anyway, cheesy once again, but emoness is cheesy if you think about it.
I called so many times, but nobody responded.
The number of times I heard an echo, was exponential.

“How are you?” “Fine, thank you.”
The neglected lies become truth, and feelings get buried.

It was a friendly conversation over electronic waves.
Yet, the connection we built together was only artificial.

Laughing and smiling in this place where I belong.
Yet, I live alone in this piece of the broken world. How cruel.

“Hush! Be silent,” and the butterfly flutters past me.
“Speak words from the heart,” and I went unnoticed.

I dreamt of an idealist who gave me a star.
But then I realized the sad reality; I was a stupid dreamer too.

Wanting to see myself, I looked in your eyes.
But I was being silly for your eyes were not mirrors.

It was never meant to be a secret.
It was discrimination against emotions that made it that way.

Then tomorrow comes, and the sadness grows.
It was constant finger pointing that made my existence an error.

Should I run after you, or stand still?
either way, nothing will change.


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