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December 12, 2008 § 2 Comments

Going to post a few notes regarding the previous post.

Chapter 0 is the story of Kino and Yuki meeting for the first time. It also represents the wish of making something out of nothing. For me, and the characters as well except that would spoil the rest of my planned story. Yes, this is the beginning of a story I have been working on for a very long time. Hopefully I will have the next chapter up…eventually when I think of a good second beginning. Anyway, this chapter is set when Kino and Yuki are in grade school, about grade 4-6. I tried to remember my grade school days when writing the beginning part of the chapter. Especially when she looked out the window. Not saying that this actually happened, but I did have to go down memory lane to write this.

You may recognize the title of chapter 0 is the same as one of the songs I posted earlier here. There is actually a reason. I felt that the characteristics of the song could best reflect the ‘comforting silence’ that Kino needed because she spent her life in a silence polluted with tension and solitude. In the beginning of the story, you see her alone, reading silently but there would always be lots of noise going around her. Then near the end when she’s alone, she is also with Yuki and instead of her being silent, the world around her becomes more calm.

About the actual story

Anyway, a doodle I drew in grade 9 I believe. Yes I had this story in my head since grade 9 XP.
This is Yuki and Kino. I drew them upside down because I initially wanted them to be falling from the sky. Except, my photoshop skills were not pro, and they still aren’t, so it’s the white background of doom. Funny cause a year later I watched Eureka Seven and was like “Oh that’s the scene!” So you may notice some Eureka Seven influence in the story. Parts of the full story are also based on the dreams I have, and real life experiences, not necessarily mine though. Also, you’ll notice that I have a thing for four lettered names. I really have to fix that but yeah, all the characters essentially have four lettered names.

Kino Pavane

I got Kino’s name from Kino from Kino no Tabi. In Kino no Tabi, Kino’s name actually belonged to a traveler who died, but she decided to inherit the name. Think Trowa from Gundam Wing. Why I used the name Kino, I don’t know. Maybe cause I want to hid something so I use the name of someone else hahaha yeah I don’t make sense. The name suits the character really well because it has a boyish ring to it, and Kino isn’t really your typical female character. Pavane is a type of dance. Cause the rest of the story is set in an “elite” private school I thought a European last name would be pretty sweet. Better than other mangaka’s who give their characters SUPER long names just so that they make it seem like they are the upper class when it just makes it harder for me to remember their names. A really interesting fact, Kino means yesterday in Japanese.

Yuki Pelletier
Really, Yuki’s name was one of those instinctive “that’s his name” decisions. Yuki means snow in Japanese, and in the later part of the story it makes room for scenes that wouldn’t happen if his name wasn’t Yuki. Anyway, how I got Yuki’s last name is a really dumb story. Since I was bored, I felt like giving all the characters last name. At the time my desk was littered with books, and random markers and magazines. So Pelletier came from the author of a french book that was on my desk. Again, French name for “I am from super rich family” affect.

That’s it I guess…I hope to post other parts of the story eventually…


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