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January 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

Some notes from the Panda General.

I have great timing, since semi was last friday (mind you I didn’t go cause I’m an antisocial emo person.)


Anyway, I didn’t look over it a lot, so if it’s badly written, my apologies. I will fix it.

Obviously, because I’ve never been to a school dance, I wouldn’t know what it was like, so I just assumed it involved a lot of people talking, and a lot of loud music, and a lot of people in dresses and suits.

This part of the story was set when Kino and Yuki are 2nd years (Grade 11) at Grandia School. Around third term. Essentially it’s a very prestigious school with a lot of rich kids, and a few students who are on scholarships, Kino being one of them. Basically this is the beginning of a lot of shit that happens later.

Originally, I was planning for Kino to end up not going because Yuki was already taken or busy. It be something like, he was busy so he told Kino he wouldn’t be able to come. But then I didn’t know how to make her cry (yeah I’m mean, I wanted to make her cry.) So I went with the he was already taken route cause then I could have someone else make her cry instead of Yuki.

Someone who read the story commented on how he always says she’s cute. The main reason was because I suck at writing so I repeat the same word OVER again. Really need to fix that. Uhh but then I thought later maybe it was a form of habit, because Kino does really see herself as a person but a monster, or a burden. Man, I’m making him out to be a sweet person with a girly name.

Like I mentioned last time, everyone’s names are four letters long XD Except Nadako…and Keith who only makes a minor appearance.
Here’s a list of everyone mentioned in this story FULL name:
Mayu Goldsmith
Nadako Fubayashi
Rolland Eric Lea
Keith Staedtler
So Eric’s actual name is Rolland, but again, four letter short names are my thing.

Since I skipped the 1st term part of the story, I’ll give a brief descriptions of the characters
Mayu: daughter of some goverment official in the states. Used to be Yuki’s fiance but yeah that didn’t turn out well. It was an arranged marriage.
Nadako: daughter of a Japanese family who won the lottery.
Eric: Son of the director of Grandia College (the school). The school’s Prince.
Keith: Mayu’s stalker, he’s fairly rich too.

(to be continued…)


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  • hikarikame says:

    lmfao your possibly related posts: "Reasons to become a stripper by MGG". suge.

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