Trust You

February 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Trust You

The PV to Yuna Ito’s new song “Trust You” was released just recently. Some of you might recognize it as the Gundam 00 S2’s 2nd ending.

I have never really listened to Yuna Ito, but when I first heard the song, her powerful vocal’s stunned me. At first I thought she was Crystal Kay, but then I found out that Yuna Ito is an American Japanese. For those who didn’t know, Crystal Kay is half African American half Korean and was raised in America. I mixed the two up because their vocal’s and musical style are really similar, probably due to their upbringing in American instead of Japan.

It’s a very easy listen, with a repeating chord progression (think Pachabel Canon) throughout the instrumental part of the song. One thing I wished Yuna Ito might have done, and she might do when she sings this live, is to add more harmony and changing the melody at some parts of the verse or chorus because it will get repetitive despite how pleasing it may sound at first. Some artists do it too much to the point where you wonder what the melody is, and some artists need to do it more because the song would get repetitive, and it add a nice colour to it.


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