Theories and Answers

April 25, 2009 § 4 Comments

Today I just had this brilliant theory that could explain the unexplainable question “What’s with fangirls and yaoi?”

First of all, lets think about the lifestyle of an average North American teenager. It is a fact that not many people read books. With the current popularity of manga, teenagers are attracted to the idea of reading an interesting story with pretty images. For girls, they’d be reading manga from the shoujo genre that depicts cute bubbly to passionate love romance story. Now in shoujo manga, the main character is often a female character who is either in love with a boy, or has a boy already in love with them. At the end of the day, the girl will always have a boy or two chasing after her. For these teenager girls, who may only read shoujo manga, are then influenced by these story ideas which makes them seem boy crazy. Of course, critical people will point out that realistically speaking, guys do not fall out of a tree, and that love isn’t simply an exchanging of kind gestures and slight possessiveness. So these fangirls are left unsatisfied with this realization of common sense and because they think that the way they want the world to revolve is the only way things can spin, they put themselves into a state of denial. “Why doesn’t he (they) like me? I’m pretty, I’m a nice person right? Maybe he’s gay? Yes that’s it! He’s gay!” Instead of being depressed, they choose to hide their bitterness by feinting ignorance of their crush’s sexual orientation.

A friend asked me “how ripped do you want your guy to be?” (not exactly how she phrased it but close enough.) I thought because some of the people who come visit my blog are males, I decided to share my answer with you just cause it might prove useful one day.

“They’d need to be rip enough to carry me for 2 km.”


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