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One of my favourite Axis Power Hetalia MADs. There are many reasons as to why this MAD has gained such a high place in many fans hearts. For one thing, animation is solid for something fan made. Song choice was also excellent. Although I am not too familiar with who is the artist, I have to say that it is a very nice song that definitely reflects the feelings when one parts way with a significant other(s). I guess that’s sort of how I feel about graduation. Back to the MAD. I guess another reason why its one of my favourite is because Arthur is in it! It is really interesting how the artist interpreted the American Revolution, and the relationship between England and America. It was less, Americans were unhappy and just decided to spite England but more it was time for them to leave the nest, like how many other nations felt at the time where nationalism was very important. Lets just say, the relationship seems more mutual than how the textbook or any teacher would explain it to be.

Anyway, I purposely found a video with English translations because the lyrics and the animations go hand in hand ish.



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So recently I discovered the hilarity of enneagrams. For those who don’t know what they are, check out wiki NOW!

I’m a seven (not sure about wings.) Meaning, my brain is on crack and thinks everything is cool.
You died? Excellent, one less person to worry about.
You laugh at me know, but guess what, I’m laughing with you! I’m so stupid it makes me laugh.

Sevens are known to be very childlike and optimistic and energetic. They like experiencing new things all the time and

Anyway, so basically this random book in the library said that because I am numb to sad and negative feelings, I tend to think everyone else who is sad as an inferior being who hasn’t evolved. So if you are sad, I will laugh at you.
My boyfriend rejected me! I am now sad!
Hahaha, sucks to your asmar, you loser.
Hey! You can’t laugh at me! You like that guy who likes that person!
Sure I can, because you’re crying and I’m not, duh!

If you read descriptions of Sevens, the one thing we hate is being bored, pinned down, and negative feelings. Which I find true. Being bored is a nightmare, and it sucks that I don’t have friends who understand that, and thus refuse to hang out with me every single day cause I’m probably the most annoying person ever for laughing at their face. Haha.

Anyway, currently, I’m trying to figure out all the Hetalia character’s number just because Hetalia is my crack right now. SO STAY TUNED FOR MORE ENNEAGRAM TALK!


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Sweet PV, very comical with the whole rag doll falling animation.

Monkey Majik is a band composed of two Canadian brothers who know Japanese. (Wooo go Canada!) Their music is on the light side, maybe even country. At least the English used makes sense.

I’m not a big fan of them, partially because all their songs sound like exact copies of each other. The only difference with Aishiteru is that there is a piano and it doesn’t sound like country music. This fact is one of the reason why I enjoy the song compared to their previous songs. Oh and the fact that they have better vocals than any American Star on MTV any day.


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Smashing…Live! Super Smash Bros. Melee – Original Medley

Oh snap! The songs of Super Smash Bros. Melee, played by the New Japan Philharmonics is epic piece of gold! The orchestration of all the songs are spot on it is INSANE! Ok, my new goal in my life is to make it into the New Japan Philharmonic so I can get the opportunity to play all the epic music.

You can find the rest of the playlist here: here.

ヘタリア Unlimited

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ヘタリア Unlimited

So epic. I can definitely see this as the opening to Hetalia XD So much skills and time must have been put into this MAD x_____x Good job to the animator.


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Asu e no Kizuna

I’ve been waiting forever to hear a full version of this song! This is the Valkyrie Chronicles opening sung by HIMEKA. For those of you, HIMEKA is the stage name for Catherine St. Onge, who is also French Canadian. This French Canadian won an Anime Idol contest in Japan. Similarly to how American Idol works, the winner gets to record a song for an anime. When HIMEKA first started, she was posting fandubs on Youtube and online forum communities. Eventually she went to Japan to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Having seen some of her videos in the past, I am very excited for the release of her single “Asu e no Kizuna” and hope to be karaoking to it soon XD

Credit Card

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I’ve seen Tarepanda phone cards, but Lucky Star credit cards…Oh silly Japan.

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