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May 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

The latest chappy I posted had a lot of musical inspiration embedded within. Which I’m going to explain in this post.

The inspiration of the title, and most of the plot work. The song lyrics emphasized dreams, and the feeling of comfort when you’re by the side of a loved one. Which were kind of key themes in the story I guess because Kino kept wanting to return to the dream, but she couldn’t cause it was technically a nightmare. Oh and at the end were the two of them were finally together…although not really. I made an AMV with this song, and I posted it on my blog sometime ago, so that’s one of the reasons why I have the “again” bit there.


Is a song by YUI and is the first opening of the new FMA series, FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The title itself is like a key idea in the story. Although you will not know this because I haven’t posted or finished writting that section of the story, Kino has a bad habit of digging her nails into her arm due to anxiety, so that’s why Yuki says “You even started hurting yourself again!” Originally, I wasn’t going to make her emo, but then I had to find a way to get Yuki to yell at her, cause I don’t understand men and their idiotic pridal logic (female logic is also retarded too…) I tried to make her even more emo than previously. I mean digging your nails into your arm…yeah hurts, but the marks will disappear eventually. But doing it several times for a month is definitely not good for you. And yes I will admit I have tried doing this in the past…not telling how far that past is though ^____^
The fact that I posted a post with the same title is another thing.
Oh and running away, Kino tends to run away from things a lot which I find is really annoying, but what can you do? Also, I tried to add some parallelism to the first chapter I posted called Aruarian Dance so if this was a book, you should have that “haven’t I read this before?” If not, my bad.
The lyrics kind of worked well with the story too.
For example
Shiroi nooto ni tsuzutta you ni
Motto sunao ni hakidashitai yo
Nani kara nogaretain da
Genjitsu tte yatsu
As if having written it in a white notebook
I want to divulge myself more honestly
What do I want to flee from?
…Something known as reality?
The overall general solution to Kino’s problems is to be more honest, and to let people try and understand her. But often times she doesn’t cause she’s too scared that they’ll see the ugliness of her, so she runs away before she’s hurt.
Which is why it annoys me to run away because it hurts either way. You stay with someone, but you’ll end up feeling crushed whenever your around them, and when you try and leave the relationship behind, you feel even worst. It’s a stupid endless cycle of hurt.

Chopin Waltz in E minor Op. Posthumus

I’m actually playing this waltz right now. This performance was done by the great Rubinstein. He is THE master of piano, I really like his version of this waltz. His tone makes if feel like I’m on the clouds, under the clear starry night. I actually cried the first time listening to it cause it was just so pretty. I hope to be able to play like that in the near future >___<
This is the waltz Kino and that other girl were talking about. When I was filling in the gaps and pieces of the story, I had the song on repeat, so the music has a strong influence on the writing. I tried to have it so that she was telling her story through the music in that section. The whole ups and down of not being noticed. It then occured to me after a while that the waltz was called E minor for EMO! Hahaha.
For those of you who don’t know, Steinway and Petrof are brands of pianos. Although their name changes, its the one thing people can steal from you…probably. Like me, I refer to my musical instruments as people sometimes so Kino’s babble about Petrof was just for kicks…even though I hate Petrof.

Other things I have to say…
Throughout this chapter, it should be apparent that she didn’t refer to Yuki by his name but as some person.
There was no sense of time until Yuki came, so time flows in dreams…Earlier in this post I mentioned that a month passed through this chapter so yeah there really is no sense of time at all. The next chapter based on my notes is supposed to be a recap but in Yuki’s perspective. So what he did during that month cause he did a lot of things.
I find it interesting how Fiona’s name actually rhymes with the names of people I actually dislike, hahaha. So if your name rhymes with Fiona, you might want to reevaluate yourself…just maybe.
The random blurb at the top is a warning from me. Seriously if you plan on being a writer, do not write love stories for you will kill your brain with the cheese, cause I did.
Anyway, I learned a lot of things while writing this story, hope some of you people learned something to (other than the fact that I can’t write XD)

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