June 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

If the world stopped trying to recreating, redefining, revolutionizing, reimbursing, remixing, redoing…people would become more creative, and society wouldn’t have such a lack of imagination (more like it has none.)

Take Apple for example. It released the Ipod. Great! A fancy slim MP3 player that stored more music than the average flash disk. But what did they do after that? Recreate over and over again. Each time, its the same thing and yet people insist they must buy the latest Ipod so they can claim themselves to be tech savvy. Not only is it a complete waste of money, it is a complete waste of time, time that could be used to be innovative because the word reinnovation does not exist.

Plus in a world that condemns remixing, and remaking of products, you might as well be creative or else get in trouble by an outdated copyright law.


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