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So I went to my university orientation and there are the things I remember from it.

Heavy textbooks
Lots of Asians
“Physics is like Mario…with the math 1UP mushroom.”

Oh and I saw a doppleganger of someone I dislike. I’m hoping to somehow make the two of them meet and then watch them die because there is a myth that says if you meet your doppleganger you will die, or one of you will die. so I’m hopping that the douche with no bags will die without me having to exert much effort. Although, it wouldn’t be as fun if I don’t get to see the expression on his face when he meets his demise~ oh woops, I revealed the gender.

This fall is going to be fun! (no sarcasm intended)



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Pub to Go

Yousei-san, yousei-san, Ahahaha~! Oh Iggy ❤
I think the laugh should be my ringtone, just to scare people.

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