Hong Kong

September 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

After staying in Hong Kong for the last couple of weeks (and a short visit to Malaysia) I have come to notice some peculiar trends in Asia Land.

Trend 1: the strapless dress shirt.

Before the trip, I would take it upon myself to have a cup of bubbling (pearl) tea at Tea Shop 168 and do some research on fob fashion. There was one style that I thought was very cute but thought it was very impratical, the dress worn with a shirt underneath. Usually the dress is one that has no straps so the nature of the dress tends to slip down on you, especially if you’re a normal Asian female. In short, pulling off an outfit like that would require a lot of extra manual labour from one self. But I upon arriving in Hong Kong, I have discovered the trick. The shirt it self is actually physically stitched together with the dress! Wow, the person who designed it must be smart because then a typical flat Asian doesn’t have to worry about pulling up the skirt! Yahhhhhh!

Trend 2: The trucker hat that isn’t on their head.
Coming of the MTR, I see a group of friends, the girls wearing trucker hats. But there was something funny, extremly funny, about the picture. Their hats weren’t actually on their heads, but merely placed on top of it. Then I noticed there were many other females sporting the same trucker hat look. I’m not sure why they don’t actually put the hat on so that it doesn’t get blown away but it makes their head look hilariously big. I can only assume the girls wanted a few more inches added, and thought putting a hat on their head would do the trick.

Trend 3: Walk and play on your handheld console.
This trend did not come as much of a surprise seeing as everyone is Asian. But what was interesting was how some of these people have acquired the skills to play and walk to the next train or destination at the same time, without crashing into obstacles. Some other things I noticed is that everyone who owned a PSP played a Gundam game, and everyone who owned a DS bought the light blue version or another version but personalized with stickers or a case.

I’ll post this for now. Busy repacking.


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