artistic knowledge

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The chemicals in my brain won’t shift towards equilibrium.
The verticle line threatens to define my existance.
The Okazaki fragmentation is what making me fall behind.


Lost Princess

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In a posessed daze
she stepped through
and followed foward.

Oh Lost Princess…
With a rusty compass
she casted away
the broken bearings.
Determined filled eyes
she held the pride
his help uneccessary.

Oh Lost Princess…
Was in exhaustion
she had no desparity
but was caught chasing.
In heavy breath
she rested on oak
after running round.

Oh Lost Princess…
“Such hypocrisy!”
she thought angrily
in stressful silence.
Running and waiting
she drowned in
calm contradictions again.

In acknowledgement
she cried diamonds
at frustrating forks.

Oh Prince Charming…
she went that way.
Will you find her?
she was over there.
Or will she find herself?

Nodame Cantabile -finale-

March 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Its 5:08 in the morning, and I just finished Nodame Cantabile -finale- and can’t stop myself from smiling. What a great way to end a great anime series. I enjoyed how they ended the entire series based on the theme that through music, people were brought together. No matter what the hardships were, or the differences, there was always that common ground.

Now I really want to get back onto my piano and never leave hahaha.


Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

plus one

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a full circle
shifted by one.
an outward spiral
is the proof of time.
Right or Left?
still too young
we will see.

If you haven’t noticed…

March 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m back into posting for the next while.
Expect lots of dumping over the next couple of weeks.
If you are new here, please comment unless its not in good taste.
Anyway, I’ll just leave this…

one by one, the light bulbs turn off.
And when the flame finally flickers out it was lonely.

Music Dump

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化物語×Perfume 恋愛サーキュレーション(Baby Cruising Love mix)

I really enjoy this remix more than its original. I especially enjoy how the lyrics of the original song are written, fuwa fuwaru fuwa fuwarin~. I think this song is what made me like the sound of perfume’s music more because I originally thought it was annoying, but now its growing on me. I managed to play this song on repeat so many times that my roommate can hum along. Yup…

Uragiri no Yuuyake – Theatre Brook

The second I saw the opening sequence I knew two things. One, that I loved the song; two, that I loved the anime. What I like about the song is the sound of it. The drums, and the guitar. The lyrics are very creative too. Plus its something fresh compared to all the other anime opening and endings.

Just be Friends

Another great song, but what I like about it is that its a vocaloid piece. Meaning its an amateur artist. The PV is stunning and excellent, for something fan made. I really shouldn’t be surprised though because there are a lot of creative and talented people on nico nico where the song originally was posted. My only complaint is that if its sung in the males point of view, then a male vocaloid should have been used instead. My favourite part about the song is the art and the lyrics go slightly hand in hand. That’s pretty cool.

Austria and Prussia’s Maru Kaite Chikyuu Preview

And of course I’m going to include this in my music dump. I am in love with Austia’s Maru Kaite Chikyuu because of the orchestral backing. But I’m not going to lie, Prussia’s version is hilariously bad ass! It is very in character of him to just change the song completely. But nothing beats Arthur’s version [/bias].

Sakura Girl

Another obvious song I was bound to post. I really Really REALLY love this song [/bias]. As much as I love this song, I never want NEWS to sing a sad song ever again because the PV literally broke my heart. Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone would dump these wonderful (and hot looking) guys! I’m still happy that they are releasing a new song, so I’m not going complain anymore.

Rolling Girl

Love the animation, love the song, love the lyrics. This song totally describes my current situation, like exactly! Its almost comforting really, but not really…

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