.Hack//G.U Desktop Theme [piano cover]

March 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

.Hack//G.U Desktop Theme

I recently finished twiddling with the microphone on my laptop, and this is the result. I apologize for the loud humming noise, that would be my laptop. I believe I have that figured out too, so next recording should be much cleaner.

This was played on a Yamaha P-85/85S keyboard. I would have liked to played this on a grand piano but what can you do when you’re a student?

Since this was a test to see if my microphone and audacity would work, the song was one of the easiest and fastest piece I could put together quickly enough that I didn’t have to waste too much time practicing it.

The next series of pieces I am currently revisiting and learning are Toki wa Kizamu Uta, Final Fantasy XIII Title Screen, Debussy Arabesque No. 1, and Chopin Waltz in E- Minor Op. posth.

The above was supposed to be my little description of the video, but I can’t tell if they actually put it in or not cause its only showing me the first sentence…failz.


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