They should play Starcraft

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Regarding North vs South,

I think North Korea would be better off if South Korea lets them play Starcraft.
South Korea should send trucks load of old computers and Starcraft software. Then North Korea and South Korea can kick each other’s asses everyday without bothering anyone.


Planes in the Sky

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Multiple planes travel across the sky.
Chasing them all but one in the same.
To stubborn with pride to stop.
It was inevitable to hold a dirty fork.
Familiarity of its usage bring disgust.
Right left, and only wrong remained.
Can’t cut through ominous clouds.
Eye rush anxiously to scan up high.
Sprinting forward into the seas.
Blindly drowning in salty worries.
There were no sweet opportunity.
Just numerous violent enemies.
Is this a signal flare for realization?
Sunglasses were discarded long ago.
Night slowly comes to consume day.
And the destination crumbles away.
Multiple dreams blinked across the sky.

Tsuki no Akari

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Tsuki no Akari

This song is absolutely beautiful. I love the melancholic and almost exhausted feeling this song has. The vocals, done by Ida Emi, really capture that. It’s not powerful, yet not weak either. The simple piano melody definitely draws a picture of the night sky. It kind of reminds me of Chopin’s Nocturnes actaully. A sad lullaby maybe. Apparently this song made it into textbooks even, so I’m obviously not the only one who thinks it is pure art.

This song was originally called the Theme of Love but was then redone for the release of Final Fantasy IV on the DS, which by the way is a great game. Of course when listening to the recordings of songs with this title, it becomes more turbulent and surging. Much less mellow and stagnant.

Oh and while writting up this post, I found the longer version. Yata!


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The opening theme from this season’s new anime Senkou no Night Raid. My favourite part has to be the instrumental bridge right after the intro chorus when the guitar and piano roll. I particularly like the vocals in the live version more than the actual recording, so the video was definitely a plus for me! I really love songs with a very vivid violin part merged with the metallic nature of a typical bad ensemble (guitar, bass, and drums.) So I don’t think its strange at all for me to become so addicted to this song so quickly as compared to my more recent addiction to electro pop like Perfume and Capsule.


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Clannad ~After Story~ Opening “Toki wo Kizamu Uta” [Piano Cover]

I have finally recorded this song. For those of you who don’t know, this is the opening theme for Clannad ~After Story~ and is originally sung by Lia.

I don’t particularly remember where I got the original arrangment for this piece so if this sounds familiar to you, give me a shout and I’ll be sure to give you proper credit for having the gifted talent of transcribing music that I don’t have.

I played this on my Yamaha baby grand piano, so the sound will be much bolder compared to my most recent recording of the .Hack//G.U Desktop Theme. I also uploaded the keyboard version of this song, so you can compare for yourself!

Clannad ~After Story~ Opening “Toki wo Kizamu Uta” [Keyboard Cover]


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Sakura Girl

NEWS! I love all of them so much~ Except…what the hell did they do to Yamapi, what is he wearing?! 0______0

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