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Symphony of Psalms: I

Fits well with the coming of Halloween. The bassoons lurking in the back while the oboe and choir haunting. The building of the climax kind of reminds me of one of those epic scenes in a video game, where something devastating occurs to the main character’s horror. The thought makes me realize that 20th century music had a lot of influence on Final Fantasy music especially. For example, Nobou Uematsu’s One Wing Angel is often associated with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring because of the rigid primitive rhythm in the opening. Perhaps it’s the unique emotions evoked from the expressionism of the music, since the music does help build the atmosphere in which the game environment is set.


search for mistakes and roll again

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I don’t think it’s normal for someone to have encountered failure this many times. It’s actually quite exhausting. So what’s my next failure, crossing the street?


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If she was pretending to be stupid to garner attention, it would be because she is trying very hard to be ‘natural’ instead of being fake.

A comment regarding an acquintance’s lack of shame, concerns, and logic. May I dare say “Ignorance is bliss…”?


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…Now I have a heart that functions like it should.
to pump blood through my system, not feed my head with trivial idealism.

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