It was epic

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I attended the Distant Worlds 2010 North America Tour Toronto concert yesterday. Let me just say that it was epic. There wasn’t much room for commentary, just jam packed with memorable music. Even if I didn’t play half of the Final Fantasy’s I could still appreciate the music Nobou Uematsu composed. I was pleasantly surprised that they performed Maria and Draco Opera from FFVI, Battle With Gilgamesh from FFV and J-E-N-O-V-A from FFVIII. They also included soundtracks from FFXIV, making this performance a first in North America. I wasn’t too fond of the FFXIII selections. I didn’t particularly like the voice of the solo singer for The Promise and the strings section were not nearly as powerful as in the recorded version of Blinded By Light. I would suggest they acquire a solo violinist for that key part of the song. I very much enjoyed Vamo alla’ Flamenco from FFIX. They got a solo guitarist to play along with the orchestra, which definitely brought out the Spanish atmosphere needed for the song. Of course the standard One Wing Angel, To Zanarkand, and Libera Fatali was amazing mainly for the sentimental value. Also, Nobou Uematsu joined the choir to sing One Wing Angel. Which practically made this performance of it that much more amazing and special. I was disappointed that they didn’t do any songs from FFIV. But there is always next time! I am hoping that they make a return, along with Nobou Uematsu. Perhaps next time I’ll even get to meet him!


Black Rock Shooter The Game

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Angel Beats! Game?!

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On anime news network, there was an update in which the director of Angel Beats! is planning on a video game adaptation of the anime. This has to happen! The anime was so amazing, and playing a game version of Angel Beats! would just be super intense.

Basically, the setting of Angel Beats! is the after life. Those who’s live has been cut short, and died with regrets are sent to a school in which they battle with Angel to prove their existence and prevent them from being erased. It made for a great setting for a slice of life anime, but for a video game, its kick ass!


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Some people need a kick, so they can wake up from their dream and come back to face reality.

Christmas Spirit

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This week, my roommates and I purchased a tree and decorated stockings in light of the approach of Christmas, and the fact that I wouldn’t have time later because I would be busy with exams. They don’t call it studying for nothing. Super excited for Christmas baking, Christmas partying, and CHRISTMAS BREAK that I have started counting down on Facebook and have been listening to Christmas music since the beginning of November. Yes, that excited. All that’s left is the snow…

I knew they were big…

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BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS! For 18 chapters, I’ve been reading this and normally I wouldn’t notice but NOT WHEN SHE GREW 4 CUP SIZES. It’s not that I wasn’t paying attention to them, they are blatantly IN MY FACE! UGH!

Here’s a previous chapter opening spread for comparison.

Clearly, there is a difference. A HUGE DIFFERENCE! I blame puberty on this one.


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You’re my heartbreaker!

Bleached hair…visors…heartshaped eye face tatoo thing…definitely copying Lady Gaga. Definitely. Thanks Rubz for noticing and pointing this out 0___0

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