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An incredible song by Arashi, mainly because of the high speed chase feel. The feeling was brought out with an accumulation of key characteristics. For one thing, the opening starts with a more precussive violin motif that is joined with the bass and drums. Then followed with entry of the cafe style piano melody, and a short chorus line. What really drives the pace is the rap. The song even has the trumpet chime in with the piano running back and forth across the notes. The saxophone interlude brought an air of jazz to it, slowing the pace down before the rap comes back in and climaxes with the introduction of the synth beats.

I really enjoy it because its an interesting use of rap, something I find the Japanese are fairly good at. In Western music, rap is very stereotypical and one of the most conventional genres of music there is. You have your beat, lyrics with topics on sex, drugs, and women, and a lot of swearing. There is not a lot going on in a rap song except for the odd inspiration lyrics here and there. But the Japanese managed to produce rap songs that somehow merge into pop and even classical opera (the epic song from Gurren Lagann, Libre me from Hell), which is not a bad combination.

It is unfortunate that half the songs produced by Arashi are probably borrowed songs from a band somewhere in Europe, but I can see why they have such a great collection of pop songs since anything is better than whatever is coming out of America.


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