I see why…

December 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

This might make me seem a little terrible, but I can’t think of any other way to express my undying thirst to shove a stick up this girl’s–wait! SHE ALREADY HAS ONE! (I am seeing a common trend here guys.) I have met and befriended only a handful of Jewish people. But if all Jewish people acted like this bitch with an attitude problem, then you might as well call me a Nazi cause I want to fucking tie her up and throw her into a gas chamber, right now.

Seriously, people only need to know two things: respect your neighbour but don’t give a damn fuck about what they do. It’s called creating optimal distance between you and the people around you. There’s no such thing as being considerate to someone else. That’s just a luxury. If everyone respect each other properly and cared a little bit less about their actions, a compromisable shared space can be achieved. For example, you respect that you are using someone else’s dishes. So you should clean it so that it is clean, not dirty. (Yes, this girl can’t tell the difference between dirty and clean.) Since we’ve already got that respect in place, the other person shouldn’t care they used their dishes because it should be respectablly clean.


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